Tigo is one of the SMS providers compatible with uContact, with a presence in Latin America and the Caribbean.

To use Tigo on uContact you must first have an active account with the company.

If you require more information on how to contract Tigo's services, you can contact the Integra CCS commercial area for advice.

Tigo account settings

First of all, you must have an enabled Tigo account.

In the account you must configure the URL of the webhook where the received messages will go.

It is necessary that this information be entered in the Tigo account since without it, the messages will never reach uContact.

Tigo provider setting

To configure a Tigo provider, it is necessary to login with a supervisor type user and permissions for SMS Provider Administration.

Enter uContact and go to Administration - Suppliers - SMS

Once there, select the provider Tigo and the following fields will be displayed.

  • Name
    Through this name the provider will be identified when creating an SMS campaign

  • Url
    Here the organizationId is entered

  • Username
    In this field you must include the APIKey and APISecret separated by ':'
    Example- APIKey:APISecret

  • Password
    This field will be completed with the user and pass data separated by ':'
    Example- user:pass

  • SMS From
    In this last field the shortcodeId is entered

The organizationId, APIKey, APISecret, user, pass and shortcodeId data are provided by Tigo

Tigo campaign settings

Campaigns are created from Administration - Campaigns - SMS

There select the Tigo provider created in Providers.

For the messages to enter correctly, you must put the shortcodeId provided by Tigo in the Ports field of the campaign

If all the data entered is correct, after saving the campaign, it is only necessary to add members to it and start working with Tigo!