Important Concepts - Omnichannel

Here we will explain some parameters that we can find in all omnichannel configurations.

Campaign Configuration


These metrics to campaign statistics in real time, they are measured in time (seconds) .

  • Service Level
    The time limit for response expected chats by an agent.    

  • Dropout rate
    It is the time of chats to consider that they were abandoned by customers during the day time.

  • Time chat
    Time to consider the agent-customer chat reached the limit.

  • ACD
    Maximum number of customers who are waiting to be answered by an agent chat.

Maximum Interactions per Agent

Limits the amount of active interactions the agent can get. The rest of the interactions wait in queue.


The system can have a non working SMS campaign, without the need of deleting it entirely and lose information. If checked, the campaign can be used. 

Campaign Members

In all campaign settings, we will see a tab called Members in the upper left section of the screen.
Clicking on it will open the Members screen where you can add or remove members to a campaign

In this screen we will see 3 columns

  • Campaigns

  • Members

  • Agents

To add a member we will follow the following steps:

  1. In the Campaigns column, select one or more campaigns to which you want to add or remove members.

  2. Select one or more agents from the Agents column and press Add

  3. In the Members column we will see the agents added to the campaign.

Multiple choice

  • Selecting several campaigns will show all the agents that belong to them.

  • If the agent you want to add does not appear in the list of agents (on the right) it is because it already belongs to all the selected campaigns.

  • If multiple campaigns are selected and one of the agents is deleted, it will be removed from all the selected campaigns to which it belongs.

  • If multiple campaigns are selected and one of the agents is added, it will be added to all selected campaigns.

This column lists all campaigns related to the user's security group.

In it you can select one or more campaigns by one click, either to add agents, remove them or simply observe their members.

To deselect the campaign we simply click on it again.

View the agents assigned to the selected campaign and also remove them from the campaign.


By clicking on the gear icon to the right of the Agent's photo we enter the Penalty modal.

The less penalty an agent has, the more calls they will enter.

  • Penalty
    Value between 0 and 100 to indicate the agent's skill, the lower the penalty, the greater the skill.

List of agents within the User Security Group.

In it you can select one or more agents by one click, to add to the selected campaigns.

To deselect an agent we simply click on it again.

Between the Members and Agents column we will see three buttons:

  • Add
    Selected agents in the Agents column join the selected campaigns.

  • Search
    Allows us to enter the agent search mode.

  • Remove
    Selected agents in the Members column are removed from the selected campaigns.

Search mode

This modal allows us to search for an agent and shows us the voice campaigns to which it belongs.

We simply type the agent's name and press Search.

The table will show all the results that match the name entered.

Campaign Schedule

For channel campaigns groups are created, each group has days and times

  • The group day can be a single day or a set of days, they are represented by their letters in English.
    (mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun)

  • The group schedule must be a period of two hours, start and end.
    Format must be: “hh: mm” (09: 00-18: 00)

  • Day of the week and time are separated by ';'

The groups represented could be these:

mon, tue, wed, thu, fri; 09: 00-18: 00
sat; 09: 00-12: 00

Each campaign can have one or more groups of schedules, which are separated by “&”.
Therefore the schedule value for a campaign could be:

  • mon, tue, wed, thu, fri; 09: 00-18: 00

  • sat; 09: 00-15: 00

  • or more than one group:
    mon, wed, fri; 09: 00-18: 00 & sat; 09: 00-15: 00 & sun; 10: 00-12: 00