To achieve a complete Voice configuration, it is necessary to enter the system with a user who has administration permissions for Voice Providers, Voice Campaigns and Voice Dialers.


  1. First of all we will create a Provider that we will use to connect the calls

  2. Then we will create our Campaign or Dialer

  3. We add agents and ready for work


The providers are the ones that allow us to connect the calls between clients and agents in uContact.
We can create different types of suppliers depending on our need / infrastructure.

The most used provider is VOIP.


Name: Name of Provider (Carrier).

Password: Assigned by the Carrier.

Context: Grouping where direct call attempts made by the carrier, this depends of the dialplan.

Host: Provider IP.

From User: Depends if required by the carrier.

From Domain: Depends if required by the carrier.

Port: Port used by the connection.

DTMF: DTMFs sending mode.

Qualify: If monitors connectivity with the provider.

Insecure: Specifies how to handle connections to the provider, not authenticate all connections.

Transport: Allows the user to select the protocol to be used (UDP,TCP, TLS).

Encryption: Indicates if the connection is encrypted or not (used when TLS transport protocol is present), when using voice 

Type : If the provider is SIP o IAX.

Codecs: Codecs used by the supplier (related to audio).



To see how to create incoming and outgoing campaigns in uContact, go to Voice Campaigns


To see how to create automatic dialers in uContact, go to Voice Dialers

Voice Campaigns and Dialers Members

Keep in mind that creating a dialer also creates a Campaign associated with it.

Dialers members are added to the campaign of it.


In this screen will see 3 columns

  • Campaigns

  • Members

  • Agents

To add a member just follow the next steps:

  1. In the campaigns column select one or more campaigns to add a member

  2. Select one or more agents from the agents column and press Add button

  3. In the members column will see the agents added to the campaign

Multiple selection

  • Selecting several campaigns will show all the agents that belong to them.

  • In case the agent you want to add does not appear in the agent list (on the right) it is because it already belongs to all the selected campaigns.

  • If multiple campaigns are selected and one of the agents is deleted, it will be removed from all the selected campaigns to which it belongs.

  • If multiple campaigns are selected and one of the agents is added, it will be added to all selected campaigns.

This column lists all campaigns related to the user's security group.

In it you can select one or more campaigns by one click, either to add agents, remove them or simply observe their members.

To deselect the campaign we simply click on it again.

It allows you to view the agents assigned to the selected campaign and also remove agents from one or from groups from the campaign.

By clicking on the gear icon to the right of the Agent's photo we enter the Penalty modal.

The less penalty an agent has, the more calls they will enter.

Value between 0 and 100 to indicate the agent's skill, the lower the penalty, the greater the skill.




Summary of Campaigns and Voice Dialers

Basic statistics as a summary of the status of campaigns in real time.

This information is shown in a table in which we will quickly see one line per campaign


Monitoring of Voice Campaigns and Dialers

Full Detail for queue status in real time.

Agent Profile

When selecting an agent from the table, the info button will appear on the monitoring options.


Menu for supervising the calls records of the system.

Listen of recordings, searching by date/hour, classification, origin and destiny.