Sep 15, 2022

⚡️ Improvements

  • Task is added to log out agents.

  • A legacy profile is added for old instances and flows.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fixes in the completion of the WrapUp when an agent disconnects.

  • Updating the formulas of the incoming statistical data.

  • Fixes in the history of emails.

  • WrapUp history fixes on user dashboard.

  • New list import method is added to the SMS and email dialer.

  • Bot campaigns are shown in Reports.

⚡️ Improvements

  • New table historical agent and campaigns.

  • The possibility of logging out all agents is added.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fixes to the Softphone telephone directory.

  • Report campaigns are displayed in alphabetical order.

  • Fixes to phone number requirements in dialers.

  • Fixed loading of HeyNow campaigns in reports.

  • The query for the number of records on the telephony recordings screen is removed.


Sep 12, 2022


Sep 1, 2022

⚡️ Improvements

  • The parkslot number of parked calls is displayed.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • All incoming campaigns are displayed in the call transfer menu.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Added completed survey to audit.

  • Campaign members are displayed in the order they were added.

  • When giving error in blacklist it does not allow the call.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Translation fixes.

  • Notification fix when making a transfer from a WhatsApp campaign.

  • Removed break from agent profile graph.

  • Fix in main menu for instances with Classic license.

  • Fixes to the call transfer menu.

  • Video call fix in WebChat.

  • Visual fix in voice campaigns.

  • Fixed maintenance script.

  • Fixes in recording search.


Aug 30, 2022


Aug 17, 2022

⚡️ Improvements

  • Improved call transfer interface.

  • Added new services to batch add/remove for blacklist.

  • Added option to hangup call when closing a form.

  • Several plugins have been updated.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fixed search of WebChat recordings.

  • Removed iptables from the application log.

  • Fixed phone and dispositions translations.

  • Webchat text format fixes.

  • Channel member priority fix.

  • Survey disposition fixes.

  • Quotation marks and slashes in dispositions are restricted.

  • Fixed agent number on dashboard.

  • Special characters are allowed in the registration string.

  • Audit fixes.

  • Removed rrmemoryomni strategy.

  • Fixes in several reports.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Now the blacklist flows will be logged in the var/log/blacklist.log file. The log will be disabled by default, to enable it you must call the following WS:

    Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
    body: active = 1 o body: active = 0

    If active is 1, it is activated, otherwise it is deactivated.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in the modification of attributes of the SIP providers.

  • Fix in menu display in Workforce Management.

  • Portuguese fix in Webchat.


Apr 19, 2022


Apr 18, 2022

⚡️ Improvements

  • The installation of the language that corresponds to the telephony campaign is configured from the script

  • The Twitter card is removed from the Monitoring dashboard.

  • You can now see the voice dialer form in the table

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix on display of WebChat recordings.

  • Fix in saving configuration of email campaigns to be transferred

  • Fix on duplicate DIDs in HSMGO.

  • Fix in downloading quality report in Messenger, email and SMS.

  • Fix for multiple records of answered calls for the same GUID.

  • Fix for displaying media files in Heynow recordings.


  • In call recordings, bulk downloads are downloaded as .mp3 if available.

  • Functionalities were added to the report queue.

  • Improved reporting of SIP conversations by date.

  • Added default audios in Portuguese.

  • The Webchat icon becomes the same color as the Webchat.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • WFM icon and stat fixes.

  • HSM fix for Infobip.

  • Fix saving settings when fields are empty.

  • Fixed translations in uContact.

  • Webchat overlay fix.


Apr 6, 2022


Mar 23, 2022

🔧 Bug fixes

  • The Email password is no longer required when disabling a campaign.

  • Fix for queue cleaning of reports and audits.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Added the possibility of creating variables to display in the headers of the interactions in the unified inbox for Webchat, SMS and Messenger.

  • Added report queue cleanup.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Arreglo al modificar o crear un origen de datos.


Mar 21, 2022


Mar 17, 2022

⚡️ Improvements

  • A Registration String field was added in Providers/VOIP.

  • A new property has been added to users that determines if they consume license or not.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • On Holidays, a bug in the message description for non-voice channels is fixed.

  • Campaign and bookmarks dashboard fix.

  • Fix for SMS not finding the ID of a quoted message.

  • Fix for Facebook and Messenger token status indication.

  • Fix signatures in the creation of Email interactions.

  • Fixed translations in uContact.

⚡️ Improvements

  • In the agents dashboard, in the first column of the table, the icons of the channels of the interactions that are active for each agent are added.

  • The screen no longer locks when generating a report! Now by tapping on a report, you can continue to use the portal as normal and you will be notified when the report is ready.

  • Also, images can be uploaded to SMS bookmarks.

  • Added cache auto cleanup on page refresh.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix for supervisor account lockout message due to failed login attempts.

  • COPC quality model attribute sum array.


Mar 10, 2022


Mar 7, 2022

⚡️ Improvements

  • Now when trying to change the password, the parameters configured to establish a valid password are displayed

  • The COPC report in Workforce is added.

  • The email field is added when uploading a batch of agents

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fixed portal translations.

  • Fix message recordings for SMS dialers.

  • Fix in entry and exit bots of the same campaign, when saving controls that the init bot is different from the end bot.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Websocket events on Integra Framework.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix campaign_stats API.


Mar 1, 2022


Feb 25, 2022

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fixed translations in uContact.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in bot at the end of outgoing interactions.

  • Fix for filtering campaign agents in the Reports section.


Feb 23, 2022


Feb 22, 2022

⚡️ Improvements

In the bots/bot functions flow the TransferBot activity has two new fields:

  • agents

Agent to whom you want to transfer the interaction.

  • AgentTimeout

Time in seconds that the interaction will ring in the agent.

When transferring from a bot to a particular agent, the interaction will ring at the agent until AgentTimeout is reached.

If the agent does not attend to the interaction, it goes to the campaign queue and will be distributed among the rest of the agents according to the campaign strategy.

⚡️ Improvements

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix when closing the Agenda menu on an agent instance with Workforce Management enabled.

  • Fix in reception of localchat messages.

  • Fix on long Webchat texts.

  • Fix in combo campaigns on phone.


Feb 18, 2022


Feb 14, 2022

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix parking recordings.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Improvements in Whatsapp/SMS providers. see the new

  • Added Brandon Grotesque Medium font to email templates.

  • Recycling now maintains destination and alternate numbers from the registry.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in transfer menu.

  • Fix in blacklist flow.

  • Fixed error when changing the password in Supervisor users.

  • Fix display of headers in Webchat campaigns.

  • The error when downloading the list in bookmark is fixed.


Feb 11, 2022


Feb 3, 2022

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in md5 registry of hardphone.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Improvements in the COPC quality model. The possibility of duplicating models is added, check "yes to all" to the qualifications, comments required when the qualification is "NO", and average mark in the monitoring report.

  • Agent profile screen with new metrics and data extraction directly from the database.

  • New Do not call action for dispositions that allows you to place a contact on the blacklist of all campaigns

  • SIP phone (softphone) md5 authentication

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix dates of messages in Groupchat campaigns.

  • Button lock when saving a poll to prevent multiple saves.

  • Fixed 100 penalty on channels.


Feb 2, 2022


Jan 20, 2022

⚡️ Improvements

  • Total channels and calls on calls view.

  • Improve dialers performance on removing max retries.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix when selecting campaign on the phone.

  • Fixed bug when parking.

  • Fix in records without email campaign filter.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Created a new WhatsApp quantity report per day

  • A new generic campaign performance report was created.

  • Campaign selector improvements on the phone

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix SMS dialer list upload

  • Fixes in COPC quality model

  • Fix in HTML tags for blind people.

  • Fix display of Facebook interactions in the dashboard. Now the number of messenger messages of the day is displayed


Jan 18, 2022


Jan 6, 2022

This version updates ucontactcloud SSL certificates.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in copy of emails, now the agents can also see who is in copy in the mail

  • Visual improvement on the screen of voice campaigns

  • Fix in wrap-up time validation

⚡️ Improvements

  • Unsubscribe option in emails is now customizable

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix on how spy interactions are displayed

  • Fixes in COPC quality model

  • Fix in telephony campaigns for instances that use MySQL 8


Dec 27, 2021


Dec 21, 2021

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in recycling of bases in dialers.

  • Fix in Messenger recordings.

  • Fix in bookmarks that started automatically in the Recycle list.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Webchat formats can now be added to menu items.

  • Fix on interactions transfers.


Nov 30, 2021


Nov 24, 2021

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Add script on create table.

  • Fix in creation of Gupshup Whatsapp provider.

  • Fix on spy when transfer interactions.

  • Fix on transfer dialer channels.

⚡️ Improvements

  • The option to access the documentation from the uContact user menu has been added

  • The option to access WFM from security groups is added.

  • The transfer timeout is established per campaign.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug when receiving emails.

  • Fix for duplicate forms in the campaign list.

  • Fix when generating voicemails.


Nov 23, 2021


Nov 5, 2021

⚡️ Improvements

  • The option to use bold, italic, strike-through, and/or monospaced in Webchat is added.

  • Bot activity Wait, Resume and SetData.

  • A maximum number of interactions is added to update the email queue.

  • Workforce Management factory refurbished.

  • Now you can configure the blacklists from the flows.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix button displacement in unified inbox.

  • Fix when uploading audios in Music on Hold.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Add frequent, order and search canned responses.

  • Add only one form by interaction.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix log webhook.

  • fix SMS attachments and add lightbox.

  • Max body size NGINX 3GB.


Nov 11, 2021


Nov 8, 2021

⚡️ Improvements

  • WhatsApp API Infobip integration.

  • WhatsApp API Gupshup integration.

  • A company profile picture can now be assigned to agents within Webchat campaigns.

  • New option in Workflow Designer. Now you can see the Logger option, which allows you to see the log of all the executions of the flow that is loaded.

    • A notification arrives when receiving the transfer to another agent.

    • Transfer timeout, if the transfer is not attended, it returns to the previous agent.

    • The supervisor can reassign interactions between agents and queues.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in the time of the entry of emails.

  • Filters in template creation.

  • Fix of actions in gamification.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Predictions WFM.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Email: if there is more than one addressee, it shows as cc.

  • Prevent XSS attacks (Agent).

  • Escape "

  • The campaign name in messenger_repo stayed with the previous campaign when transferring from bot

  • Fix when parking transfers.


Oct 26, 2021


Oct 18, 2021

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix ISO 27001; it was asking for mandatory password change when login in.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Sentiment analysis results added to text recordings.

  • Bump object-path from 0.11.7 to 0.11.8 in /FrontEnd/webchatclient.

  • Login iso27001.

  • Improvement blacklist by contact.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix screen recording with parking.


Oct 15, 2021


Oct 8, 2021

⚡️ Improvements

  • The selection of typing in the pop-up is improved. Now it can be completed and by default, the list is sorted in alphabetical order.

  • Typographic fonts (Calibri, Fantasy, among others) are added for emails

  • Email destination addresses are added as copy mails

  • Add the CRM documentation in Portuguese

🔧 Bug fixes

  • WhatsApp - Skip special characters.

  • Change to type text column messages of Groupchat.

  • Fix for agents in campaign chat.

⚡️ Improvements

  • ¡Chatgroup for every channel! 💬

  • Visual improvement in voice campaigns member selection.

  • Maximum character length control added for Twilio.

  • The unnecessary hit to the provider for messages after hours for SMS and WhatsApp was removed.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Visual fix when sharing screen on a Webchat video call.

  • Fix WhatsApp characters like \ or “.

  • Fixing chains of emails with mails that had the same origin and subject.

  • Dispositions fix.


Sep 29, 2021


Sep 23, 2021

⚡️ Improvements

  • The log is deleted when downloading and uploading the server. The color display is also enhanced based on log level.

  • The timeout is displayed again in Webchat.

  • Call parking improvements.

  • DatosEstadisticosWebChat report now includes bot information.

  • Report DetallesTipificacionesWebChatPorFecha.jrxml.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fixed upload of dispositions per batch.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Video resolution improvement to 1280x720

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Improvement in screen recordings for outgoing calls.

* Ability to show the check depending on the configuration.

* A new icon is shown in notifications during screen recording.

  • Fix loading voice members.


Sep 16, 2021


Sep 14, 2021

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Build 6.392 script was replaced by error in tracked_links table index.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Now you can also perform screen recording of outgoing calls

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix on the phone for the visualization of the campaigns for the supervisors. Now if a supervisor is logged in and is in a security group where no campaign is selected, the campaigns from all channels are displayed in the chat. If a supervisor is logged in who is in a security group and has some selected campaigns, then only the selected campaigns are shown. In addition, if this supervisor is an agent, the campaigns to which he belongs as an agent will also be displayed. If an agent is logged in, then their campaigns should appear.

  • Fix bottimeout.

  • Tracked_links data type for URL column changes to text.


Sep 14, 2021

6.391 🦠

Sep 13, 2021

⚡️ Improvements

  • Now in dual-stream dialers, you can get your data with a DIALER dbget, [number].

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix call parking. Different calls were shown with the guid and caller id repeated. This occurred when a parked call was terminated by the caller, the guid of this was repeated in the typification of the following calls.

  • Fix SMS, the sent and seen statuses were not arriving correctly.

⚡️ Improvements

  • An icon indicating whether or not an agent is on call is added to the phone's contact list.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in video recordings, now a loader is displayed until the video finishes loading.

  • Concat in dialer base.

  • Fix in blocking queues between Channels and WS components.

  • Nameless quality models could be created on the portal.

  • When uploading video recording, it is tried until the WebSocket reconnects.

6.390 🦠

Sep 11, 2021

6.389 🦠

Sep 7, 2021

⚡️ Improvements

  • Asterisk GoogleASR new parameters: silence, interruptKey, beep, timeout, speechContexts

  • IntegraFramework Wrap-up events.

  • Sentiment analysis (beta) is deactivated by default.

  • You cannot manually select the break that the system uses as an automatic break.

  • An independent thread is established for each channel so that double interactions are not created in case of concurrency.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in security groups, used a reserved word from MySQL8.

  • Fix of create table webchat_queues for uContact installer.

  • Date fix in WFM reports API interactions_stats.

  • Local array in file MySQL8.

  • Date language fix in JSON MySQL8.

  • Fix in WhatsApp notifications.

  • Dialer fix: when a base was raised it turned on by itself.

  • Improved IntegraServer.log view: now in database exceptions, not all stack trace is shown.

  • Fix in reverse and progressive flows.

  • Fixed sync false in SMS and webchat unified inbox.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Unified inbox notifications improvement

  • Webchat IP is added to interactions_stats data.

  • The campaign_stats API is modified so that it receives any interval number multiple of 15.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in bulk SMS provider.

  • Fix webchat for different languages

  • Fix loading batch types.

6.388 🦠

Sep 2, 2021

6.387 🦠

Aug 31, 2021

⚡️ Improvements

  • Recycling with disposition_repo.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in log of channels flows for activities of type Procedure.

  • Fix in the typifications screen when uploading them in batch.

  • Append video for recordings.

  • Channels flow log is added to the logrotate.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix bots, Arreglo de bots, when using variables in the timeout message.

  • Fix log Asterisk events.

  • Fix WebChat welcome database.

  • Fix Facebook recordings.

  • Fix voice recordings.

6.386 🦠

Aug 27, 2021

6.385 🦠

Aug 26, 2021

⚡️ Improvements

  • New library Log4j 🤘🚀

  • Channel flow log.

  • Digest auth added for Asterisk curl.

  • Webchatclient wait time is removed.

  • Bengali was added as a new language to WebChat.

  • New activity JSONQuery for BD for channel flows.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • The date format in the JSON library is fixed and the Java driver is updated to the latest version.

  • Fix obsolete namespace in MySQL8.

  • Fix in uploading data to MySQL8 file.

  • Fix in first webchatclient message.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix on the date in MySQL8: downgrade the driver.

6.384 🦠

Aug 23, 2021

6.383 🦠

Aug 23, 2021

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in update: MySQL8 drivers for Ubuntu 16 and 18 are not updated.

⚡️ Improvements

  • MySQL 8 and Ubuntu 20 upgrade.

  • Improved performance of the recordings screen: the way to search for recordings has been improved.

  • Batch upload of dispositions.

  • Email address text field improvements: now suggests passwords for addresses, Cc and Bcc.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix phone.js events in queue_log_repo.

  • Fix when closing tabs on the portal.

  • Fix in batch uploading of agents from the portal.

6.382 🦠

Aug 20, 2021

6.381 🦠

Aug 17, 2021

⚡️ Improvements

  • In the blacklist screen, a field is added to be able to delete numbers in bulk.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Licenciator version of Ubuntu.

  • Se valida la licencia en caso de que algún campo esté mal.

  • Fix ExecWS flows, POST method.