The incorporation of SMS/Whatsapp to our service contributes exponentially to the improvement of the customer experience.


SMS/Whatsapp Management

SMS/Whatsapp Providers

For more information on the creation of SMS or Whatsapp providers, go to the corresponding pages:

SMS/Whatsapp Campaigns

After creating the provider, we can start creating SMS/Whatsapp campaigns.

Basic settings

  • Name
    Name to identify the SMS/Whatsapp campaign.

  • Service level
    The service level is the percentage of interactions that were attended/abandoned by the agent before/after a stipulated time limit.

  • DID-Ports
    In this field, you must enter a code (telephone number, alphanumeric, id, etc.) associated with the campaign for identification purposes. Generally, this information is provided by the provider and may vary.

  • SMS provider
    Clicking on the combo displays a list of all the SMS/Whatsapp providers that are registered in the system.

  • Strategy
    It is the behavior that the campaign will have. To learn more about the different strategies go to Strategies - Omnichannel.

  • Schedule
    The hours in which the SMS campaign will be available, that is, with agents available to answer customer SMS. To add a schedule configuration you must add with the '+' button and a new window will appear or remove a selected one from the list with the '-' button.

After saving your settings, you will see your campaign in the table on the right where you will find all the campaigns created in the system listed according to your security group.

Advanced settings

These parameters already have a default value for the correct operation of the campaign.

To know more go to Important Concepts - Omnichannel.

Out of time
This will be the message that will be sent to the client if he sends a message while the campaign is out of hours.

These are metrics to carry out the statistics of the campaigns in real-time, they are measured in time (seconds).

  • Service level
    It is the expected time limit for the response of the chats by an agent.

  • Churn rate
    It is the elapsed time of chats to consider that they were abandoned by customers during the day.

  • Chat time
    Time elapsed to consider that the chat between agent and client reached the limit.

  • ACD
    The maximum number of customers waiting to be answered by a chat agent.

Maximum interactions by agent
Limits the number of active interactions an agent can have. The remaining interactions are queued. It is only used for nocall strategies.

The system can have a campaign registered that is not running without having to delete it completely, in this way the supervisor will not lose relevant data. If it is checked, the campaign can be used.

Pre-setted responses
The campaign may have pre-written responses, which makes it easier and faster for the agent to interact with the customer.

How to add or delete members?

To add or remove agents to campaigns, the user must go to the Members section on the upper left.

Add member

  1. In the Campaigns column, you can select one or more campaigns from which you want to add or remove members.

  2. We select one or more agents from the Agents column and press Add.

  3. In the Members column we will see the agents added to the campaign.

The members that are added to the campaign must be previously in a voice campaign, otherwise, the agents will not receive interactions of this type.

SMS/Whatsapp Dialer

Allows you to send SMS/Whatsapp in bulk.

For all dialers, an execution time range will be associated that will dictate the hours and days in which they will be run in order not to carry out actions at improper hours.

Basic settings

To create our SMS/Whatsapp dialer we enter:

  • Name
    In order to identify our marker.

  • SMS providers
    That will be used to send messages.

  • Schedules
    The schedule in which the dialer will send messages is defined.

  • Dial string
    Based on the API that SMS/Whatsapp sends, a port or range can be configured.

    • Dinstar - DinstarWeb
      Channel range log, example: (0.3) this means that the message will be sent to 4 channels recursively (0-1-2-3-0 ...).

    • Quality
      It does not need a dial string.

    • Twilio
      It does not need a dial string.

  • Time between messages
    It is the time that the marker takes to send messages simultaneously, it is expressed in milliseconds. Note that you cannot exceed the limit accepted by the provider.

Optional parameters

  • Enabled
    Indicates the status of the dialer, if it is active or not.

  • DNCR
    Allows you to enable the review of the Blacklists registry, for phone numbers that should not be called or sent messages.

SMS/Whatsapp dialer operation

Basically, it works in a similar way to the rest of the markers we have, 50 messages from state 1 from the sms_spool table are put in memory ordered by their entry position, it is fixed if it is in the black_list, if it does not send it and puts it in state 3.



Example of CSV base to be uploaded to the dialer.


For the given campaign:









This is my SMS



extra data

Our base would be:

test1;098344484;This is my SMS;9999


POST http://INTEGRASERVER/Integra/resources/SMS/SendSMS params: @FormParam("destination"), @FormParam("message"), @FormParam("campaign"), @FormParam("agent")

SMS/Whatsapp Agent

The agent has different interactions in his inbox and can search for them by campaign name or username.

When opened, it is displayed on the right side of the screen and shows customer interaction and information at the top.

  • SMS/Whatsapp campaign name.

  • Customers' number.

Start an interaction

With the icon next to the search section the user can easily start SMS/Whatsapp interactions.

When clicked, the following box is displayed:


And within SMS the following is displayed:


Interaction options

Next to the box where the agent will respond to the client, it contains certain icons that allow us to access the following options:

  • With the first one, a list with emojis is displayed to use in the messages.

  • The following contains the predesigned responses for the campaign. These are inserted automatically once the user has selected them.

  • The last button sends the message that the Agent is writing.

  • In the upper right corner, the agent will find a three-dot icon, with which the customer's previous messages can be displayed.

SMS/Whatsapp Monitoring

SMS/Whatsapp campaign monitoring

Here you can see the real-time statistics of the SMS/Whatsapp campaigns.

Lower left chart

Agent status icon. Along with the status icon, it can show: in case the agent is on a call, a phone will appear; and if the agent is in a break, the image corresponding to that break will show.

Channels status
If the agent has an active interaction, a logo will appear. SMS, Webchat, Email, Twitter, among others. The two can show together if it is the case.

Real-time agent status. The states can be disconnected, busy, free, free on break, and busy on break (being any of the available breaks).

Name of the agent.

The number of completed SMS/Whatsapp.


It indicates the interactions that the agent maintains active.

Time of the last agent state change.

Lower right chart

Displays the data of the SMS/Whatsapp clients that are on hold:

Telephone number with which the customer sent the SMS/Whatsapp.

On hold

The time that the client has been on hold.

Actions with agents

When clicking on an agent with active interaction, the following options will be displayed:

  • Spy
    The supervisor will be able to view the messages exchanged between agent-client in real time.

  • Monitor screen
    Allows you to view the agent screen in real-time. To see this button, the monitor screen option must be enabled in Configuration - Agents.

  • Info
    Displays a window with all the agent information.

  • Pause
    The supervisor pauses the agent.

  • Chat with agent
    It gives us the ability to send messages to an agent.

  • Log out agent
    The supervisor will be able to log out the agent. The agent must log his username and password again in order to log in and continue working.

SMS/Whatsapp recordings

In this section, you can see all SMS/Whatsapp conversations.

Parameters for filtering

  • Start date: SMS/Whatsapp recordings search start date.

  • End date: End date of recordings that we want to obtain from the search.

  • Origin: Inbound number.

  • Campaign: Select SMS/Whatsapp campaigns from those available in the list.

  • Agent: Select the agents who attended SMS/Whatsapp.

By selecting a conversation, the recording can be downloaded individually.

SMS/Whatsapp Dialers monitor

Menu to monitor the status of mobile services and SMS/Whatsapp campaigns.

It shows all active mobile services, allowing you to manage their activity and information load.


Once a campaign has been selected, you can see its dashboard:

Allows you to select the campaign to monitor.

It shows the general status of the campaign, based on the following statuses:

  • Inactive.

  • Active.

On schedule
It shows if the campaign is on schedule according to the definition it has to run, with the following statuses.

  • Inactive.

  • Active.

Number of SMS/Whatsapp processed by the campaign.

Not processed
Amount of SMS/Whatsapp remaining to be processed in the campaign.

Shows the number of SMS/Whatsapp with different statuses due to incorrect number format.

Shows the number of SMS/Whatsapp blocked due to being on the NDCR list.

On the top right corner we have the following two options:

It allows to stop or start the campaign on demand.

It allows deleting the campaign data that has not been processed (for example, unprocessed records that have failed or that have been in the NDCR table, or that for some reason want to be canceled).

Upload record not DNCR call
It allows loading a CSV file, with the data of the SMS that should not be sent, indicating the phone number and campaign.


Single message sending

There is the option of sending a unitary text message to a specific and unique number, the following information must be inserted in the lower-left section:

Number where to send the text message.

Text containing the message.

After completing the fields, we press the Send button and the message will be sent by the dialer.

Sending mass messages

Outbound SMS/Whatsapp are automatically processed by the system after uploading. To upload SMS/Whatsapp, a file containing the following must be uploaded (in .csv format).

Example of .csv

To see information on the status of sent messages and the status of messages waiting to be sent, see Reports.

It is possible to send messages from third-party applications by executing a REST webservice for example: