Creating the iframe

<iframe src="https://yourInstance.ucontactcloud.com/uphone/" scrolling="no" allow="camera;microphone"> </iframe>

Event notifications

Messages will be sent to the parent page when these events occur:

For subscribing uPhone events, window proxy API will have to be used.

This is an example of how to subscribe to events from the page that has the iframe.

window.addEventListener('message', e =>{ console.log(e.data.action); console.log(e.data.params.number); });
  • Making a call

  • Receiving a call

  • Sent dispositions

The information will be received in the following format

Make call

{ "action":"makeCall", "params":{ "number":1234 "campaign":"campaign->" } }

Receiving a call

Finished call

Sent dispositions

Execute actions

You can execute actions on uPhone by using the window proxy API.

Here is an example of how to obtain the iframe window and sending to the uPhone.