VoIP Innovations


The incorporation of VoIP Innovations to our service provides a better experience to our clients.

Possibilities are many highlighting how useful is this service.


To configure VoIP Innovations we must follow a few simple steps, but first we must check that we have everything we need to create our provider and its campaign.


  • Have an account with VoIP Innovations and access to it

  • Have a contact number enabled

  • Login to uContact with permissions to create SMS Providers and SMS Campaigns

1. Set up account

Set up the webhook for VoIP Innovations to receive the messages in uContact.

All you need is the following route:


That route it's a POST type

2. Get access parameters

Inside your account will see two parameters

  • api_key

  • api_secret

That’s the information you need to create the provider in uContact

3. Create provider in uContact

Now we enter uContact with a user who has permissions to create SMS Providers and SMS Campaigns

Once inside, we go to Administrator -> Providers -> SMS

Here we see a drop-down menu called SMS Providers, by clicking on it the list of compatible providers is displayed, we select VoIP Innovations


Once selected we complete the fields

  • Name (to identify the Provider)

  • Username (api_key previously obtained in step 2)

  • Password (api_secret previously obtained in step 2)

  • Source (the phone number it will be used)


By clicking on “Save” button our provider is ready to work!

4. Create SMS campaign

Once the provider is already created in uContact and entered the webhook in the VoIP Innovations account, we can create our sms campaign.

We go to Administrator -> Campaigns -> SMS


The configurations required to create the campaign are the following:


  • Name (to identify the campaign)

  • Service Level (number, Learn more about…)

  • SMS Providers (here select the provider created in the step 3)

  • Strategy (Learn more about…)

  • Schedules (Learn how to schedule…)

  • DIDs - Ports (Phone number which receives the messages)


By clicking on “Save” button just need to add agents to the campaign and that’s all!

See, how to add agents