Like calls, all remaining channels have recording

On the right you will see the recording screens for each Channel.

Recordings Docs

You can find detailed information of each in the following links:

Fax Recordings

Menu for supervising the fax repository.


  • Initial Date: From when to search the faxes.

  • End Date: To when to search the faxes.

  • Source / Destination: Filter allows calls from different sources, which may be channels or extensions.

  • Magnifier: Run the search with filter (check the arrows to search for paginated pages paging 50 records)

  • Inbox: Displays the fax in a new window as a pdf.


  • Number: Phone number you want to send the fax.

  • File: Selection window file .pdf for faxing.

  • Send: To the fax number with the file attached.

 You can send a FAX via third-party applications, executing a REST Web service.