Menu for the administration of the system audios.

Audios are created to use by the system for general funcitions, mainly for designed flows.

FORMAT: PCM 8 KHz 16 bit Mono


Name: Name of file to upload to the system is selected from the upload button to the right of the text box, selecting the Wav you want to upload to the system.

Record: A option to record a audio.

Language: Select the audio language, this places it in the appropriate place to hear the language as set in the flow. Other languages, apart from the already in the list, can be written.

Description: Short description of the audio.

Audio table:

Player for the sounds already located in the system.

Music on Hold

Menu for music on hold management.

Audio groups for music on hold are created, either for campaign or when you put a call on hold.


Class: Name of the group of music on hold.

Directory: Allows to upload the audio for that class of music on hold.