WhatsApp Jelou

To use Jelou in uContact it is required to previously have an active account with said provider.

In this way you will obtain all the data that will be required to configure your account in uContact.

To see more, go to jelou.ai

Set up your Jelou account

To correctly configure the provider, you must first enter the uContact webhook in the Jelou account.

To do this, the following Webhook must be configured in the Jelou dashboard:

To receive messages and updates of sent messages, the same webhook is used. Remember to add the configuration to NGINX.

botId, clientId and clientSecret data is provided by Jelou.


Jelou provider

In uContact, you must log in with a user who has permissions for the administration of Suppliers and SMS Campaigns.

Once inside the system, you must go to Administration → Providers → SMS and select Jelou from the list of available providers.

There, the necessary fields will be displayed to create the link with Jelou.

  • Name
    Under this name, the supplier will be identified when selecting it in campaigns.

  • URL
    The botId value provided by Jelou is entered.

  • Username
    The clientId value provided by Jelou is entered.

  • Password
    The clientSecret value provided by Jelou is entered.

  • Messages per second
    Limit of messages that will be sent by this provider per second.

Jelou campaign

By entering at least one provider registered in uContact, you can create Jelou campaigns by going to Administration → Campaigns → SMS

Here, you can configure a campaign by selecting the previously created provider.

When we select it, we will see the Ports field.

  • Ports
    The botId value provided by Jelou is entered.


To receive the messages un uContact is necessary to add the following code snippet to your NGINX configuration.

location /Integra/resources/InboundSMS/Jelou{ proxy_pass http://localhost:8085; proxy_set_header Host $host; proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr; proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for; }