Whatsapp Wavy

First steps


First, you will need access to Wavy.

It is necessary so that your phone. number has the permissions to send WhatsApp through uContact.

You must repeat this process for every number you wish to use as a provider.


¿How to set up your Wavy account?

On the side menu go to WhatsApp → Account.

Upon entering this screen, you will see the WhatsApp account created by Wavy.

Here you can get your approved number, company description, and other options.

HSM codes

To see the templates of outbound messages you should go to WhatsApp → HSM.

Here you will have the list of possible outbound messages and the code to send the message.


First, we will need to establish WavyWhatsApp as our SMS provider. To do so, we will need to go to Providers/SMS.

To configure it:

  • Name to identify the provider.

  • Username given by Wavy.

  • Password given by Wavy.

  • SMS RegExp enter ”.” para to assure that it works.

  • SMS From namespace given by Wavy.

  • Messages per second Limit of messages that will be sent by this provider per second.

Messages per second If it is 0, it does not limit the number of messages that can be sent per second.

Then click on Save and WavyWhatsApp will be configured.


Here you can create your WhatsApp campaign, to do so, you will need to:

  • SMS providers select the previously created provider for WavyWhatsApp.

  • Ports, enter the mobile phone number associated with Wavy.


When finalizing the creation, click on Save and the WhatsApp campaign will be ready to use. Now you just need to add the agents through the Members tab, just like the rest of the campaigns.


Here, we will create the WhatsApp dialer by selecting:

SMS providers are the provider created for WhatsApp.  

Dial string enter ”.” para to assure that it works.

It is important to note that to start a conversation on WhatsApp using dialers, it is necessary that the .csv format be:

CSV example:

  • hsm:chatclub_open_session_v2:pt_BR:Integra:Operación Realizada

The customer gets

“Integra informa: Operación Realizada”

When a user responds, a session that lasts 24 hours is started. During that time, any message can be sent, without the need for it to be a template.

Troubleshooting Wavy

There are some common problems that often occur when you first incorporate Wavy.

Here is a response to some of them:

  1. If the attachments do not arrive (it occurs in old versions)

    1. Get into the flow "SMS services" and deploy - from a certain version where SMS went, attachments also went.

  2. If we get a 401 error when hitting the webhook:

    1. Add wavy paths to Nginx file (URL: /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default)

      location /Integra/resources/Wavy {      proxy_pass http://localhost:8085;      proxy_set_header Host $host;      proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr;      proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;    }
    2. After changing the file, execute the command service nginx reload

  3. In case the messages arrive wrong or without country code

    1. Look at the charts ccrepo.sms_repo and ccrepo.sms_log_rep if there is no old trigger that is causing these issues.