Strategies - Telephony

There are 7 call distribution strategies in uContact, which are:

  • ringall

  • leastrecent

  • fewestcalls

  • random

  • rrmemory

  • linear

  • wrandom

These types of strategies are determined by the agent's status at the time the call is delivered.


Take available agents into account

This strategy will ring all available agents until one answers the call.



Take the time without call into account

With this strategy, the call will make the ring to the agent who stayed the longest without a call since the last call.



Take answered calls into account

This type of strategy allows calls to be delivered to the agent with the fewest calls answered.



Take available agents into account

You can use this strategy if you want to distribute calls randomly among the available agents.



Take into account the agent connection order

Using this strategy, agents are placed in a row in the order of adding them to the queue.

The incoming call will always search for the first in line, if it is not available it will search for the second in line, and so on.



Does not take into account the penalty

Order the agents in a row. Therefore, the interactions will be distributed in order.

Once a call has been delivered to one agent, he or she will receive another call the next time all other agents do so as well.



Take into account the penalty

As its name says, this strategy distributes calls in a balanced but random way among the available agents of the campaign, those with the highest penalty being the last to receive them.

The agent's penalty is taken into account, the higher the penalty value, the less chance that the agent will be delivered a call.