Menu for supervising system status.

We see the RAM memory status (free and used), the primary hard disk status (free and used space), CPU (used and free), we also have general statistics historical system load, network usage and memory thereof.

We have the option to generate a backup of the system:

Backup generation

Backup download


Menu for supervising the system log.

Call Log Viewer.

To use this utility, you must take into account two fundamental steps for proper operation:

1.  In the telephony server must be enabled full Log type.

2.  In the call flow must exist a variable called: Ani and has the callerid from incoming call, you can also use the destination number in the outgoing flow to also find the outgoing call log. Although is more useful for IVR calls with several steps.

Phone Number: Put the phone number you want to search in the entire log (it can be a partial number).

Dates List: Displays all the dates and times of logs for the selected number. The full log can be seen by selecting a log from the list.

Download: The log can be downloaded by clicking the "Download" button.

Also it is possible to insert telephony commands by pressing the "Execute" button.