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  • Formatting was changed.

⚡️ Improvements

  • ¡Chatgroup for every channel! 💬

  • Visual improvement in voice campaigns member selection.

  • Maximum character length control added for Twilio.

  • The unnecessary hit to the provider for messages after hours for SMS and WhatsApp was removed.


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Visual fix when sharing screen on a Webchat video call.

  • Fix WhatsApp characters like \ or “.

  • Fixing chains of emails with mails that had the same origin and subject.

  • Dispositions fix.

6.396 (blue star)

6.395 (blue star)

⚡️ Improvements

  • The log is deleted when downloading and uploading the server. Color display is also enhanced based on log level.

  • The timeout is displayed again in Webchat.

  • Call parking improvements.

  • DatosEstadisticosWebChat report now includes bot information.

  • Report DetallesTipificacionesWebChatPorFecha.jrxml..


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fixed upload of dispositions per batch.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Video resolution improvement to 1280x720 (blue star)


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Improvement in screen recordings for outgoing calls.

* Ability to show the check depending on the configuration.

* A new icon is shown in notifications during screen recording.

  • Fix loading voice members.

6.394 (blue star)

6.393 (blue star)


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Build 6.392 script was replaced by error in tracked_links table index.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Now you can also perform screen recording of outgoing calls (blue star)


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix on the phone for the visualization of the campaigns for the supervisors. Now if a supervisor is logged in and is in a security group where no campaign is selected, the campaigns from all channels are displayed in the chat. If a supervisor is logged in who is in a security group and has some selected campaigns, then only the selected campaigns are shown. In addition, if this supervisor is an agent, the campaigns to which he belongs as an agent will also be displayed. If an agent is logged in, then their campaigns should appear.

  • Fix bottimeout.

  • Tracked_links data type for URL column changes to text.

6.392 (blue star)

6.391 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Now in dual-stream dialers, you can get your data with a DIALER dbget, [number].


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix call parking. Different calls were shown with the guid and caller id repeated. This occurred when a parked call was terminated by the caller, the guid of this was repeated in the typification of the following calls.

  • Fix SMS, the sent and seen statuses were not arriving correctly.

⚡️ Improvements

  • An icon indicating whether or not an agent is on call is added to the phone's contact list.


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in video recordings, now a loader is displayed until the video finishes loading.

  • Concat in dialer base.

  • Fix in blocking queues between Channels and WS components.

  • Nameless quality models could be created on the portal.

  • When uploading video recording, it is tried until the WebSocket reconnects.

6.390 🦠

6.389 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Asterisk GoogleASR new parameters: silence, interruptKey, beep, timeout, speechContexts

  • IntegraFramework Wrap-up events.

  • Sentiment analysis (beta) is deactivated by default.

  • You cannot manually select the break that the system uses as an automatic break.

  • An independent thread is established for each channel so that double interactions are not created in case of concurrency.


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in security groups, used a reserved word from MySQL8.

  • Fix of create table webchat_queues for uContact installer.

  • Date fix in WFM reports API interactions_stats.

  • Local array in file MySQL8.

  • Date language fix in JSON MySQL8.

  • Fix in WhatsApp notifications.

  • Dialer fix: when a base was raised it turned on by itself.

  • Improved IntegraServer.log view: now in database exceptions, not all stack trace is shown.

  • Fix in reverse and progressive flows.

  • Fixed sync false in SMS and webchat unified inbox.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Unified inbox notifications improvement (blue star)

  • Webchat IP is added to interactions_stats data.

  • The campaign_stats API is modified so that it receives any interval number multiple of 15.


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in bulk SMS provider.

  • Fix webchat for different languages (blue star)

  • Fix loading batch types.

6.388 🦠

6.387 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Recycling with disposition_repo.


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in log of channels flows for activities of type Procedure.

  • Fix in the typifications screen when uploading them in batch.

  • Append video for recordings.

  • Channels flow log is added to the logrotate.


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix bots, Arreglo de bots, when using variables in the timeout message.

  • Fix log Asterisk events.

  • Fix WebChat welcome database.

  • Fix Facebook recordings.

  • Fix voice recordings.

6.386 🦠

6.385 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • New library Log4j 🤘🚀

  • Channel flow log.

  • Digest auth added for Asterisk curl.

  • Webchatclient wait time is removed.

  • Bengali was added as a new language to WebChat.

  • New activity JSONQuery for BD for channel flows.


🔧 Bug fixes

  • The date format in the JSON library is fixed and the Java driver is updated to the latest version.

  • Fix obsolete namespace in MySQL8.

  • Fix in uploading data to MySQL8 file.

  • Fix in first webchatclient message.


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix on the date in MySQL8: downgrade the driver.

6.384 🦠

6.383 🦠


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in update: MySQL8 drivers for Ubuntu 16 and 18 are not updated.

⚡️ Improvements

  • MySQL 8 and Ubuntu 20 upgrade.

  • Improved performance of the recordings screen: the way to search for recordings has been improved.

  • Batch upload of dispositions.

  • Email address text field improvements: now suggests passwords for addresses, Cc and Bcc.


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix phone.js events in queue_log_repo.

  • Fix when closing tabs on the portal.

  • Fix in batch uploading of agents from the portal.

6.382 🦠

6.381 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • In the blacklist screen, a field is added to be able to delete numbers in bulk.


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Licenciator version of Ubuntu.

  • Se valida la licencia en caso de que algún campo esté mal.

  • Fix ExecWS flows, POST method.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Gradle8 update.

  • Database creation MySQL8.

  • Dialer records pause.

  • Estadísticas de telefonía de workforce, solo para campañas.

  • Contacts and stickers support on Infobip Whatsapp.

  • The name of the agent who sent the SMS messages now appears in the unified inbox.

  • Par and values disposition call is added.

  • WebChat IP is saved in ENTERQUEUE webchat_log_repo.


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix Covid Spool.

  • Fix in the recordings screen: previously recordings not belonging to the corresponding security group were shown.

  • Fix reserved words MySQL8.

  • The '/' is removed as an unsupported character for bookmark lists.

  • Fix in phone stun.

  • Fix safari deviceId.

  • Fix in automatic recycling query.

6.380 🦠

6.379 🦠


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix interactions timeout.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Timeout is added to the interactions.


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix saving surveys.

  • Fix in reports and Italian translations.

  • Fix read bots.

  • Fix WebChat API, error in diferent domains.

6.378 🦠

6.377 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • The campToSchedule field is added to the DispositionCall IntegraFramework method.

  • Field is added to receive the name in Webhooks flows, ReceiveNewMessage activity.

  • Phone field is added to the webchat recordings.

  • New userfield variable to typify in surveys.

  • Call guid is added to the voice recordings information modal.


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix trigger automatic login.

  • Fix websocket channels NGINX.

  • Fix outbound workflow.

  • Fix when updating agent in email_repo when attending interaction.

  • Fix ICECandidateGathering.

  • is deleted.

  • Fix when assigning previous interactions to agents when connecting to websocket.

  • HeyNow providers providerId is changed: select by input type number.

  • Fix preview and progressive ring time out.

  • Fix phone number in HeyNow recordings.

  • Fix ART workforce reports.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Reports are added in Italian.

  • Turn webchatclient.

  • New activity ExecCommand for bots.


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in UpdateIntegra, if the last build is broken it is not updated, in addition, it also checks the integrity of the file.

  • Fix exception in Repo and Data methods.

  • Fix in the general channels screen, before it did not take into account the security group campaigns.

  • Fix in the history of completed interactions, the campaign was not taken into account due to an error in the query.

  • Fix in SMS recordings, shows the last agent that attended the interaction and not the first because it could be a bot.

6.376 🦠

6.375 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Admin user is added by default in the installer.

  • 365 data policy.

  • New activity in fuzzy search.

  • Evaluate string go to functions bots.


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Unregister peer logoff.

  • Fix Nginx status.

  • Fix recordings converter.

  • Fix campaign_stats.

  • Fix URL decode SMS.

  • Fix Facebook entity on save.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Mejora del método UC_makeCall en el framework, ya no se llama mas a la API, sino que se llama al teléfono de uContact.


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in MSMTP email.

  • Metodo de agent login sincronizado, por error de licencias.

  • WebChat call iOS safari y iOS chrome.

  • Arreglo del instalador de cloud y curl.

  • Arreglo al borrar discador de email cuando estaba encendido.

  • Arreglo de vista predeterminada de orden por last call.

6.374 🦠

6.373 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Improvements in the email channel: now you can edit the Cc of email interactions. Suggestions are also displayed when entering an email address for an outbound interaction.

  • Improved WebSocket disconnection notification.

  • New FTE metric for campaign_stats reports.


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix read in Bot Functions.


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix rollback in Data and Repo.

  • Fix of share screen turn.

6.372 🦠

6.371 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Libcurl 3.

  • Global max connections MySQL 800.

  • Connection pool limits.


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in email and messenger campaign members: agents could be seen when assigned.

⚡️ Improvements

  • New general status screen for channels campaigns 🚀🤘


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in login with . or spaces.

  • Fix in <style> y <script> when answering mails.

  • Fix in EmailListener, checking for null in attachments.

  • Fix in modals when answering calls.

  • Fix for duplicate outgoing messenger initial interaction message.

6.370 🦠

6.369 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Performance improvement in the database ⛽️.

  • Now the dialer blocks customer numbers from the par and values.

  • Control of whether the number is in the base in DialerTask is removed.

  • New STUN / TURN settings.

  • Improved recycling.

  • New pause "Channels" so that no calls come in but interactions do.


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in agent call API, the form of the campaign that is received is taken and sent to the CTI.

  • The interactions in the WebChat queue were gone when the campaign was not on time, now they are maintained if they enter before the end.

  • Utf8mb4 characters are filtered into dialer bases from the front.

  • Fix in dialplan base64, now we use UTF8.

  • SQL injection in Login and Rating.

  • Fix of options in Facebook textarea in the Unified Inbox.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Performance improvements


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in agent_stats when the agent logut logout with active interactions

  • Fix on interaction_stats when the server restarts.

  • Fix in bot’s timeout; Now, we are check every 1 second

  • Fix in email attachments with "," (comma)

  • Fix in reports visual display

6.368 🦠

6.367 🦠

⚡️ Improvements


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix when breaking

  • Fix in log formatting of date> IntegraServer.log

  • Fix in view of agents by security group in recordings

  • Log in DispositionCall (details about API)

⚡️ Improvements

  • Subject in email notifications

  • Manual call rebooking


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fixes in email styles (CSS)

  • Threadpool Jetty Increment

  • Fixes in Gmail API revoke token

  • Fix on recordings agents

  • Missing dependency on the installer

  • Survey convert

6.366 🦠

6.365 🦠


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Facebook Fix: PhotoMatch Username

  • Fix in NullPointerException MemoryCache

  • Visual fix on slow reports

  • Log rotate syslog Syslog on install

⚡️ Improvements

  • Add labels for DispositionCall

  • Add onLoadIframe event for webchat API


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Jetty version update

  • Enlarge jetty queue thread pool

6.364 🦠

6.363 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Popup image in unified inbox emails

  • Full stars option for webchat

  • Hold time on the agent's phone, now you see a counter of how long it has been since you put the call on hold


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix when bringing the first SMS's of an interaction

  • Fix when viewing SMS recordings with enter

  • When an agent was writing something in the unified inbox and a call came to him, he lost everything, now it is fixed

  • Fix status of pause agents when logging out in campstatus

⚡️ Improvements

  • Integration with Gmail for the email channel (blue star)

6.362 🦠

6.361 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Improvements in workforce reports

  • Agent names with numbers and is added in the scheduler

  • TLS 1.2 and 1.3

  • Logs on Integra server, MySql and Asterisk Cloud for greater information capture on these services.

  • View Deleted Agents in Security Groups

  • Reschedule in progressive dialers


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix status of first whatsapp message when the interaction is outgoing

  • Fix in email when an email arrives to an interaction that is in queue

  • Fix in webchat recordings when there is a bot

  • Fix for error typing calls that were parked

⚡️ Improvements


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fixes in transferred and then retrieved interactions

  • Fix when uploading audios and music on hold

  • Fix about security group agents in recordings

6.360 🦠

6.359 🦠


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fixes in transferred and then retrieved interactions

  • Fix when uploading audios and music on hold

  • Fix about security group agents in recordings

⚡️ Improvements

  • Change requests in workforce (blue star)


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Interactions_stats: Calculation numbers are rounded in seconds and attention time is added

  • Fix for frontend when downloading reports of interactions.

6.358 🦠

6.357 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Support for emojis when installing uContact

  • Interactions that returned to the queue when the agent disconnected are now returned to the agent when they connect if they are still in the queue.


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • HTTPS is added for DinstarWebDigest

⚡️ Improvements

  • Search recordings by GUID (channels and calls) (blue star)

6.356 🦠

6.355 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Analytics improvements (interaction_stats, agent_stats stickiness metric)

  • Option to hide attachments in webchat


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix \ n JSON in webhook

  • Fix on report DetalleTipificacionesWebChatPorFecha.jrxml

⚡️ Improvements

  • Webchat api (documentation here)

  • New activity: MessageStatus in the flow designer, to change the status of sent messages (reference here)(referencia aqui)

  • Modal code editor for JS and SQL flow designer


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix when ending a webchat that is in queue

  • Fix on report DetalleLlamadasEntrantesCompletadas.jrxml

  • Facebook token status fix

  • Fix in facebook recordings

  • Survey filter fix in reports

6.354 🦠

6.353 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Asterisk installation is now done from Integra's Google Storage

  • Dialer change to assign more priority to older lists

  • Heynow interaction history


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix when saving attachments to base for per-flow SMS providers

⚡️ Improvements

  • Agent_stats improvements and new fields

  • New option in channel campaigns, to be able to choose which ones to transfer to.

  • Option to connect automatic webchat call: Now you can choose between voice call or video call.


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix dates in view of agent types

6.352 🦠

6.351 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Video video call when connecting a webchat interaction (in the next update the option to choose between audio and video will appear) (blue star) (blue star)


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix when retrieving interactions from different channels

  • Fix when sharing screen from agent to client in webchat, sometimes the video was not seen

  • Fix in survey report (blue star) (blue star) (blue star) (green star)

⚡️ Improvements

  • Workforce Management improvement


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in typifications

  • Fix time between calls for SMS dialers

  • Fix in Bot timeout

  • Fix in the list of agents and campaigns when transferring interactions

  • Fix interaction_stats when saving in Database

  • Update: simple peer 9.7.2 to 9.10.0

6.350 🦠

6.348 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • New interaction detail report

  • Variable buffer in added in Asterisk update

  • New report: DetalleLlamadasEntrantes

  • New campaign statistics (campaign_stats) and new metrics for agents (agent_stats) 🤟


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix when uploading a disposition base with blank lines

  • Fix in call log in webchat_log_repo

  • Serialization of transfers between agents when the Integra Server is restarted

  • Fix on screen of recordings when there was only one campaign in the filter

⚡️ Improvements

  • Interaction statistics: new metrics for interactions


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in Wavy Whatsapp HSM and new API template

  • Fix in webchat whan downloading and uploading the server: the websocket is automatically connected

6.347 🦠

6.346 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Channel dashboard improvement: new indicators are added and the graph is changed

  • Beta of analytics in workforce management


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in bots

  • Fix for duplicate messages in bots

⚡️ Improvements

  • Location of whatsapp for Infobip

  • New field in security group, to not allow agent actions in dashboards


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix and update to the latest version of summernote

  • Bot fix when sending text whit `

  • Fix of the duplicate in the first message that started the interaction

  • Fix in stream webhook response, now it is empty

  • Fix when sending video type attachment to provider in Wavy

  • Fix unified inbox notifications

  • Field filter is removed when recycling

  • Fix report: DetalleLlamadasEntrantesAbandonadas

6.344 🦠

6.343 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • New report DetalleLlamadasEntrantesCompletadas


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in channels dashboard when the campaign had bot at the end

  • Fix in notificatins of transfers between campaigns

  • Fix in 'evaluate expression' bot

  • Form url encoded parameter is added in channels stream

  • Fix in campaing chat

⚡️ Improvements


  • Improvemens to reports: CantidadLlamadasEntrantesAbandonadasDatosEstadisticosEntrantresDetalleCDRResumidoDetalleTipificacionesTelefoniaCantidadDispositionsDetallesTipificacionesTelefoniaPorFechaDetalleLlamadasEntrantesCompletadas


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix update Asterisk

  • Fix queuename empty in phone.js events

  • Fixes multiple notification channels

  • Disposition with two spaces is now saved to the database

  • When starting an interaction that was in the queue now specifies the error

  • Fix in the channels panel, the time indicated in the queue returned to 0 if the IntegraServer was restarted

6.341 🦠

6.340 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Update Asterisk to 13.38.1

  • New certificates

  • Bot variables

  • Infobip status whatsapp

  • New exec script function whit no result


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix email history font in unified inbox

  • Fix hide/unhide facebook comments

  • Fix client name in messenger

  • Fix URLENCODE in asterisk when sms arrived whit %

  • Security groups of agents in reports, before it did not take agents into account

  • Fix campaign NONE in queue_log_repo del phone.js events

⚡️ Improvements

  • Removed limit in search of historical emails


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix shift + enter in unified inbox

  • Fix emojis in textarea of the unified

  • Fix messenger username permissions

  • Fix execws bots

  • Fix in report DetallesTipificacionesSMSPorFecha

  • Fix transfers notifications in the unified inbox

6.338 🦠

6.337 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Email history improvement

  • Channel notifications: accessibility parameter is added

  • Workflows designer: Text variables in the position activity

  • Virtual hold in ACD table for campstatus


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in channels provider flows: it wasn't ignoring them in dialplan file

  • Fixes in activity for bots: ExecWS

  • Like is removed in the caller id when loading the historical sms in the unified inbox

  • White label images are added in the install script, to download from the licenciator

  • Fix contact manager

  • Record is saved in calls_spool_repo when reespooling


🧪 New features

  • In the campaign parameter in the bots transfer activity, you can now pass a js $ {} expression to it

⚡️ Improvements

  • Webchat and bot surveys

  • CAMPAIGN is added as a variable in all channels for bots

  • The client's name is saved in the ENTERQUEUE record for whatsapp in the data2 column

  • JSSIP 3.7.0 phone and webchat


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in webchat audio call

  • Fix in password when creating supervisor

  • Fix in messenger for European changes. Attachments are sent as links.

  • Fix when updating SMS providers

  • Fix OpenedForms

  • Fix in SMS dialer for whatsapp

  • Fix in the initial message when a bot was used at the end of the interaction

  • Fix DID validation for dialer campaigns with random

  • Format validation is removed when uploading audio files

6.336 🦠

6.335 🦠


🧪 New features

  • Workforce Management (beta) 🥳🥳

    • Available only for Full clients

Workforce Management

⚡️ Improvements

  • jQuery update from 3.1.0 to 3.5.1

  • New ChatPerAgentMessenger report

  • Improvement in the PerformanceEmailPerAgent report


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix of retries 0 in busy agent

  • Default VM false when creating agents

  • Fix in query sms recordings

  • Fix in historical query sms in interaction

  • Fixed bug in SMS spying, messages were not seen properly

  • Fix of blacklist method in IntegraFramework


🧪 New features

  • Bots upon completion

    • Now you can select a bot to which the interaction will be transferred at the end 🤟

  • Security groups

    • "Only edit campaign members" permission now also for channels

    • Permission so that security groups cannot see any forms

⚡️ Improvements

  • The status of sending messages is added in the database for Infobip

  • Update of the Complete CDR Detail report

  • HeyNow and Messenger providers screens are hidden if the license does not have channels


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in messenger provider tokens

  • Format and name validation when uploading an audio to the system from the portal

  • Abandon button in webchat was hidden

6.334 🦠

6.333 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Agent stats (beta)

  • Improvements for accessibility


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in email password when updating a campaign

  • Fix in limit of 1000 agents in getSips ws

  • Facebook activation without messenger provider

⚡️ Improvements

  • New function for the IntegraFramework UC_exec_batch_async

  • New event in flows, OUTCALLSTARTED

  • Events of messages sent in TwillioWhatsApp are saved


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • VoipInnovations provider fix

  • Fix in recycling, it is grouped by destination in the quer

  • Fix in WebChatAgent report filter

6.332 🦠

6.331 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Jasper update from 6.7.1 to 6.16


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in omnichannel dashboard service level

  • Fix in designer's background

  • Fix in respool alternative without alternative numbers

  • Fix in EmailStatisticsData report


🧪 New features

  • Messenger providers

  • Multiple DID's on dialers

  • Record screen of a call

⚡️ Improvements

  • License request improvement:

    • The mail field was added so that the user can be notified

  • New blue default background

  • Improvements for accessibility


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in survey print view

  • Fix on Facebook Recordings for supervisors without a phone

  • Fix when submitting with enter on facebook from the unified inbox

6.330 🦠

6.329 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • New report to list calls that come in through API

  • Improve attachments for SMS providers by flow


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix when deploying in Workflows designer

  • Stun is removed from google on phone js

  • Fixed field ‘To’ when forwarding emails

  • Fix loading agent campaigns when initiating an interaction

  • Fix messenger images at the beginning of the interaction


🧪 New features

  • New webhook and channel provider designer

⚡️ Improvements

  • Ccdata statistics with the licenciator

  • APIBan

  • Update from java 8u131 to 8u271 on install

  • Accessibility improvements and keyboard shortcuts


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fixes for custom webchat integration

  • User-agent at login

6.328 🦠

6.326 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • 'To' field is removed in forwarding email

  • Maxlength in webchatclient survey


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fixes in Spanish webchat translations

  • Fix on name when transferring webchat and full name

⚡️ Improvements

  • Performance of sms queries in main dashboard

  • Initial message in bot for: webchat, sms and messenger

  • Webchat form parameters can now be received by url for integration


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix hey history from the previous build

  • Fix in gamification url

  • Fix in dialers with P

6.325 🦠

6.323 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Full user name in messenger

  • uContact now reports the disks status

  • HeyNow history in unified inbox

  • setIgnoreGraphics parameter in jasper is now true

    • If a report is broken, the change must be made in the report


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in sms_providers

    • HeyNow and Email, password problems

  • Fix on SMS recordings screen

    • Search for recordings by agent started by a bot

  • Fix on unified inbox

    • Spell check was not taken when sending messages by pressing enter

  • Fix in SMSDetalleConversacion report

⚡️ Improvements

  • Security

    • Passwords are no longer displayed in uContact, they can only be changed

    • Password limit for users

  • Copy omnichannel campaign dispositions

  • Improvement in dialers when the agent gives Busy


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Less timeout and more log on dialers

  • Fix in users without phone to see dispositions

  • Campaign timezones are removed

  • Fix in spying of SMS interactions when there were attachments

6.322 🦠

6.321 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Timezone for campaigns

  • Improved base upload by removing b64 from the portal

  • New configuration for each agent to see their own typings

  • Delete scheduled calls from the portal for a dialer

  • New alert to notify multiple users

  • Name of agents is added to SMS recordings

  • New report name field


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • The verbose level for the func_odbc is changed

  • Fix in fromname email

  • Fix in negative channel of dialers

  • Fix in queue_log transfer, the number was not being saved

  • Fix in voice dispositions, the button was stuck

  • Fix in webchat when on video call

  • Fixed agent error already connected with interaction

  • Fix in tag runner


🧪 New features

  • New WhatsApp provider, Jelou

⚡️ Improvements

  • Improved SMS recordings screen

    • Interactions are now listed.

  • New campaign filter in voice members

  • Timeout in the UC_Http_Proxy function of the IntegraFramework

  • New button to restart channels on dialers

  • Autocomplete off on all uContact password fields

  • Home dashboard improvement

    • SMS card Includes HeyNow messages

    • Rename SMS to SMS / Whatsapp

  • Maximum channels number validation from the frontend

  • Hidden the twitter’s campaign status


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in SMSRegExp from previous build

  • HeyNow Provider Screen Fix

  • Fix in wrapup for outbound campaigns

  • Fix in ExecWS in bots, strings with symbol `

  • Fix in websocket logs

  • Transfer interaction even when agent is paused

  • Fix in network for duplicate disposition

  • Fix in dialers to avoid negative stats

  • Fix in dialer 300 channels loop

6.320 🦠

6.318 🦠

⚡️ Improvements


  • Scheduled tasks in Licenciator

  • .ogg audios for HeyNow


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in closing email

  • Fix in email when transferring between campaigns

  • Fix in REENTERQUEUE in emails

  • Fix in sms_scheduler

  • REGExp validation on SMS providers

  • Fix in the DNCR of the dialers

    • It was not updated in real time

  • Fix in holdtime of interactions

    • Dashboard and standby interactions time were not the same

⚡️ Improvements

  • TURN is added to share screen function in the portal

  • New SMS provider Bandwidth

  • Request licenses from licenciator


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in survey report

  • Fix in ringall for HeyNow campaigns

  • TIGO provider fix

6.316 🦠

6.315 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Bot functions

  • Dispositions modal

    • Telephony dispositions are mandatory


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in voice campaigns, DID with + not allowed

  • Fix in hey now recordings and sending audios

  • Duplicate email fix

  • Fix email forwarding

⚡️ Improvements

  • New SMS provider Tigo


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in preview dialers

  • ParseJson buffer fix in asterisk

  • Audits in IntegraFramework

  • Fix in reports:

    • IncomingWebChatbyHours

    • AmountWebChatsPerDay

  • Fix for rrmemorynocall strategy

  • Fix when unbreak with the form open

6.314 🦠

6.312 🦠


🧪 New features

  • New dialer type: ReverseProgressive.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Ringall interactions now show the time elapsed since the interaction started, and not when the agent started ringing

  • Improvements in the email dashboard and the ability to view the links that were clicked


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Lock in SMS flows

  • Fixes in reports:

    • CDR - Complete per Campaign

    • Detail Messenger dispositions by date

    • Completed by Month

  • Fixes in Messenger:

    • OUTMESSENGER name was wrong and REENTERQUEUE was executed in agent-initiated interactions

  • Fix in respool peeraccount and accountcode

  • Fix tagging peeraccount and accountcode

⚡️ Improvements

  • Improved webchat screen sharing


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Interactions fix:

    • Now when the websocket is disconnected the interactions of the agent's unified inbox disappear

  • Ubuntu 18 fix

  • Fix data null in dialers

  • Install fix for licenciator

6.311 🦠

6.310 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Changes in the installer to install from the cloud

  • A card showing all licenses is added to the portal’s home

  • Notification that network connection was lost is improved


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • When making the request to the licensor:

    • Mac is added

    • It is validated that the license comes in the correct format

  • Fixing times when the wait is greater than one hour in the channels dashboard

  • Fix in webchat REENTERQUEUE

    • The data was wrong in the base in the CONNECT

  • Fix in asterisk, don't hangup if argument is missing

  • Fixes in messenger:

    • Data4 was left without the name of the person when REENTERQUEUE in messenger_log_repo and the first message was without agent in messenger_repo

  • Fix when transferring an inactive interaction would transfer the active one

  • Fix in dialers, campaign is added to recycling

⚡️ Improvements

  • MMS Twilio


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix when transferring to another campaign in the unified inbox

  • Fix of -1 in channels dashboard when transferring

  • Fix on track_emails

  • Changed shared last call behavior

6.309 🦠

6.308 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • New reports of interaction details


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fixes in heyNow integration

  • Fix on spy screen

    • Agents are asked to share when they log in

  • Fix on SMS canned responses when starting a conversation

  • Fix on checklicence of licenciator

⚡️ Improvements

  • Configurable feedback on Webchat

  • New option

    • Automatically transfer to campaign queue when logged out

  • Bot license control 🤖


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in URLPOSTSMS when it was more than one provider

  • Fix for transfers between campaigns

    • When they were outgoing interactions, they hung on the dashboard

  • Fix in the SummaryCampaignOutgoingRange report

  • Fix in ringall notification for SMS

    • Now you see name and number

6.307 🦠

6.306 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Spy Screen rework

  • The new Licenciator is activated


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Delete notification closing event so that the call is no longer cut

⚡️ Improvements

  • Pin on Unified inbox interactions

  • Timeout message for Bots

  • 200 character limit for SMS with WhatsApp provider is removed


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix on modify member penalty on voice campaigns

  • Added guid in SMS provider URLPOSTSMS

6.305 ??


Back to the office!

6.304 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • TLS 1.1 or 1.2

  • Download conversation report on heyNow recordings


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix notifications when receiving interaction from bot

  • Fix that the number was not seen when spying interactions

  • UpdateIntegra script fix to update from portal or licenciator

  • Campaign in FINISHWRAPUP in DB

⚡️ Improvements

  • Audio added for WavyWhatsapp

    • Before this option was disabled


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix on recordings screen

    • The average quality was not seen for a call in the stars

  • Fix base upload for a different time zone than where you are located

  • Fix in websockets for maximum text size

  • Fix in answer of the phone when it was clicked and it was in an incoming call

6.303 🦠🦠

6.301 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Email bots (beta) 🤖

    • Email body in global variable EMAIL_BODY

  • Google STUN added as secondary option


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix for spying on recordings when the phone is administrative type

  • Fix for outgoing audios for WhatsApp

    • Now they are recorded in MP3

  • Fix in IntegraFramework HttpProxy function

⚡️ Improvements

  • Bots improvements

    • Timeout in ReadMessage activity

    • Email bots (beta)

  • New Dialing Rules for Mexico

  • New SMS reports


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix on bot ExecQuery activity

  • Fix in exec ws in bots when response is XML

6.300 🦠🦠

6.299 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Option to hide the dispositions for any channel

    • Dispositions in a Form, as in Telephony also in Channels

  • Base load of telephony dialers is no longer Base64


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Changes to SMS Infobip API

    • Use different URLs

⚡️ Improvements

  • New dispositions index in dispositions_repo


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Administrative phone does not load the unified inbox,

    • Websockets error when not having campaigns assigned

6.298 🦠🦠

6.297 🦠🦠


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix on base load with timezones

  • Fix on disconnection of websockets and ping on webchat

  • Fix in IntegraFramework method audits

6.295 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Forms on channels 🍟

  • New configuration in email campaigns: From name.

    • It serves to put the name to the sent emails, today that name is the name of the campaign itself

  • Improvement in the Websockets state table, and change of timeout configuration

  • New field setqueuevar in queues

  • New method in the Integra framework UC_BreakUnbreak


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix bots in exec ws activity

6.294 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Webchat menu for bots

  • DID field of SMS campaigns

    • Supports multiple campaigns with one bot

6.293 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Update jetty 9.4.5 -> 9.4.28

  • Update of webchatclient dependencies

  • New method for IntegraFramework UC_Http_proxy

  • DialerStatusCache query improvement

  • Control so that uContact tabs cannot be duplicated in Chrome

  • Control of connections by websocket for agents in the agent_connections table


?? Bug Fixes

  • Bot fixes:

    • Fix in wsexec for SOAP

    • Clickable hyperlinks on webchat

    • When the client clicks on a bot option in webchat, the number they send is seen

  • Fixes in reports:

    • FlowofCallsId

    • SummaryTimesCampaign

    • DetailCampaignsTimes

  • Fix in SMS Recordings, list of campaigns when the user is not SuperUser

  • Fix in creating agent profile photos for batch upload

6.290 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Infobip whatsapp with all the functionalities

  • Auto pause attempt count


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in first message on WhatsApp did not mark the status

  • Fix on sms dashboard

  • Fix on-screen rates, fields that are primary key are disabled when a record is selected

  • Fixes in reports

    • Amount Messenger By Dates

    • Detail CDR Complete

    • DetailCDRCompletoPorBase

    • DetailsTypesMessengerByDate

    • Measurement List

    • PerformanceByAgentMessenger

6.289 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Improvement in webchat video recordings: stream is updated so that the recording takes the same guid as the interaction

  • Infobip WhatsApp (beta)


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix saving agent in heynow

6.288 🦠🦠


To have the SMS changes it is necessary to deploy the Services/SMS flow

⚡️ Improvements

  • Now the namespace is passed in the Wavy API in the provider's source

  • New Clear hash activity in Workflows Designer

  • Stereo video recording

  • New button to download all videos in voice recordings

  • WhatsApp location (Wavy)

  • SMS client name (Wavy)

  • Messenger message history

  • Reply Facebook interaction with Messenger

  • Improved styles for responsive agent on the portal


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Sleep 60s for bulk sms

  • Chrome fix

    • does not ask for a camera or microphone, now it asks for it in the index

  • Fixes in reports:

    • agent login detail

    • detail campaign times

  • Fix in SMS parameters in BD

  • Autopause fixes

  • Escape \: in HSM wavy

  • Fix Dinstar SMS and REENTERQUEUE

  • Fix in portal in report list selection

  • Fix in multiple messages at the beginning of the interaction in messenger

  • Fix in Hey API for channel 6

6.285 🦠🦠


First build in GitHub

⚡️ Improvements

  • Improved styles for responsive agent

  • Dependencies are added to the system


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix when converting flows with "rare" characters in WorkflowDesigner

  • Fix in reports for when agents are not listed by default

6.281 🦠🦠


Last Build in GitLab!

Any UpdateIntegra from previous versions, will update up to here, it must be run a second time for it to take the update from GitHub.

⚡️ Improvements

  • New report CompletedInteractionsSMS agent


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Bot timeout fixes

  • Fix for historical email interaction messages

    • The subject is removed to make the query faster.

  • Fix in ports of SMS Campaigns

6.280 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Bot timeout improvement

    • It is now a separate thread, which checks for conversation.

  • Improvement in report DetailCDRDialerStatus

6.279 ??🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • New activity in workflow designer, ResetCDR.


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in workflow designer combos and Background app

  • SMS attachment fixes

    • They were not kept in the BD because it did not give them the time, but it was shown in the portal.

6.278 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Multiple bot improvements

    • Emojis in activities 😎

    • GUID is added as global variable

    • 'Extra' field added to Disposition activity

    • Activity 'Schedule' becomes 'IsOnTime'

    • When selecting an option the client will not see his own answer

  • Transfers are now allowed from agent to bot


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fixes in HeyNow to receive messages and send images

  • Fix for custom pauses in one campaign, when the agent is viewed in another campaign.

  • Fix in reports

    • detailing outgoing and incoming SMS

    • detailing campaign times

    • IVR by date

  • Bots fixes

    • When transfer to the bot arrives, it starts to run

    • Selected options are shown disabled

    • Problems with transferring to campaigns without agents

6.276 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Bots for messenger 🤖

  • Recording video calls

  • Backup for video records

  • Video call performance improved

    • MediaRecorder API implemented


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in & quote; at workflow designer

    • The fix is only in the inputs, it did not break anything when it was deployed

  • Loop fix on bots

  • Fix on spy channels

  • Tilts arrangement in webchat form

  • Fix on video recordings: EBML



Bots in uContact


🧪 New features

  • Bots 🤖

    • Available for SMS, Webchat and WhatsApp

  • Transfers between channel campaigns

    • Only campaigns from the same channel

⚡️ Improvements


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix on supervisor without phone giving console error due to sound settings

  • Fix by sorting campaigns by type on campaign screen

  • All references to hold_interactions, an old table, are removed


⚡️ Improvements

  • Refactor WebchatClient:

    • css video

    • video call for Safari iOS. (It is hidden for Chrome iOS)


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in multiple notifications (chrome bug or not)

  • Fix in CURL asterisk headers


⚡️ Improvements

  • Telephony flows for transfer between campaigns

  • You can send reports generated through the IntegraFramework email api and also CC and CCO

  • New procedure AutomaticAgentLogOffTask

  • Update UnixODBC and SSH


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix of -1 agents logged into the home dashboard

  • Notified with an error when the websocket fails to connect

  • Fix when changing the DID of a campaign when the dialer was random

  • Fix the check "all agents" in reports


⚡️ Improvements

  • Now on the dialers dashboard:

    • If it is VoiceBroadCast and has VBQUEUE it shows the graphics of the campaign

  • Strikes to pause automatically if the call is not answered

    • The new configuration is called AutoPause in Configurations - Agents.

  • Now when interactions are recovered when the server is uploaded, they enter the same order they were.

    • The autoid field in the ccdata.interactions table was added


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix when initiating sms interaction, the record in the sms_repo table was repeated

  • Arrangements in webchat:

    • When screen sharing is changed, the stream is reconnected now

    • On the client, the agent image

    • Seeing the link of an attachment sent by an agent

  • Campaign DID is updated when changing from the associated dialer

  • Agent is deleted if user is deleted

  • Fix in Wavy API

  • Fix in chrome logoff

    • (in the onwindowsunload event) sometimes there was no AGENTLOGOFF in queue_log_repo


⚡️ Improvements

  • Creation of SuperUser users from the Licensor

  • If a Webchat campaign has the option to show name activated, it will now display the agent's full name field instead of the nickname

    • Only the first name and not the last name are shown


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fixes in the Facebook Wall

  • Large number of mails, from 20 to 50 with a maximum of 20MB in total

  • Campstatus Monitoring icons are changed (spy call, spy screen, etc.)

  • Fix in notifications

    • If an interaction entered while a call was ringing, the call was cut because the previous notification was closed automatically.


⚡️ Improvements

  • Workforce Management (Beta) 💥💥💥💥

  • Redirect logout url

    • There is a new configuration option that will be hidden for now, called RedirectLogoutURL

    • When a user logs out of uContact, he will be redirected to the URL if there is any value

  • NEWEMAILAGENT error, new type of event in email_log_repo

    • Also leave the -1 email_repo status if it fails (before it saved nothing if it failed)


🔧 Bug fixes

  • ExecPython changed to ExecScript


⚡️ Improvements

  • New method in the Integra Framework to run python scripts UC_ExecPythonScript_async


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in survey controller and query survey.jrxml

  • Fix “STOPBREAK” in automatic login and now the '@' in the user is ignored


⚡️ Improvements

  • New SMS provider “Mensajero“

  • Possibility to load survey if you bring INFO in the CTI


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix when cloning surveys

  • Fix in webchat, fullscreen is enabled on screen sharing


⚡️ Improvements


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix on facebook for interactions related to old posts

  • Fix in webchat transfers

    • When the client closed a web chat that was being transferred the interaction was available

  • Fix in SMS when many messages arrived together with attachments, two different interactions were generated



facebook’s build 🕺


🧪 New features

  • Facebook Wall (Beta)

    • Due to a change in the channel server, Facebook Messenger campaigns will be created from version 6.262 and later

⚡️ Improvements

  • New function for the Integra Framework UC_fullSelectWithVal

  • Icon tooltip connected in CampStatus


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Webchat Client fixes

    • Fix when sending attachments

    • Fix in styles

    • Allow screen monitoring from different web connections

    • Fix in Screen Monitor

  • Fix in installer SMS flow

  • Audit is added for the connecting error.

    • Error Answering call will appear in the auditory table

  • Fix when deleting an email dialer if it is on

  • Fix on the agent screen

    • When closing dispositions tab



New year’s build 🥳

⚡️ Improvements

  • Now, in the login screen you will see the current version of uContact

  • Error types for wavy Whatsapp SMS provider are improved

  • Canned Responses available when initiating an SMS interaction

  • In campaign settings the campaign schedule is hidden, if it belongs to a dialer


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix Google TTS and ASR

  • Fix when deploying a workflow with Latin characters



🧪 New features

  • Share screen Webchat 🧑🏼‍💻👩🏽‍💻

    • Now agents can share their screens with the client

    • They can also request to see the client screen

⚡️ Improvements

  • New CURL function available for Asterisk

  • New language parameter for Wavy HSM is added


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in PowerDialer when max channels = 1 and overdial = 0%

  • Fix in individual surveys and fix in python script

    • Some answers were not displayed

  • Fix multiple messages in SMS initiating an interaction

    • Problem: Only the first message was seen

    • Solution: You see all messages, including attachments

  • Fix in name of attachment for mail

    • The name was wrong because it was not made a decode

  • Fix in recording maintenance to not pass files in use


⚡️ Improvements

  • User password recovery on uContact login

  • Campaign filter is added in the section
    Supervisor → Campaigns → Survey


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix when sending messages with strange characters via Dinstar providers

  • Fix email sent with the full Webchat conversation
    When the HTML was seen as text

titleUpdates before 6.259


⚡️ Improvements

  • New SMS provider - VoIP Innovations (Sangoma provider)

  • Quality models now for all channels

  • New omnicanal strategy - rrmemoryomni

  • View of emails with dispositions in the Unified Inbox - now the historical mails of an interaction show if they have dispositions.


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix when uploading lists with dialing rule - unclassified lists don't get priority

  • Fix of Break filter in Campaign Status

  • Fix in multiple selection in surveys


⚡️ Improvements

  • New IntegraFramework method: getCurrentCallInfo

  • On the portal phone, if a call arrives with a number that is a contact, the name is also displayed


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix RetyDial in application of workflow designer

  • Fix in WavyWhatsapp when sending from uContact an image with caption

  • Fix in report SMSDetalleEntrante

  • Overdial fields are hidden in VoiceBroadcast and it is allowed to edit the number of channels on the dialer dashboard


⚡️ Improvements

  • Email filter for incoming / outgoing recordings

  • Improvement of sending email and updating the simple-java-mail library to 5.5.1

  • The VoiceBroadCast now stops when there are no agents available

  • Percentage of lists with DialerRules


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix when pausing and logging out, the same pause was not allowed

  • Workaround fix for chrome bug in notifications: now each notification closes the previous one.

  • Fix in the dispositions when level 3 is repeated in level 2

  • Fix Wavy, last character is not sent, picture message, history button.



First build in the new office

⚡️ Improvements

  • Update JSSIP from 3.3.4 to 3.3.11

  • Added new auditory when searching call recordings

  • Dialer Rules for Mexico was added


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix workflows designer parsing asterisk dialplan code: “&quote” appears on generated dialplan.

  • Fix loading channel dashboards.

  • Fix sorting emails, on email recordings.

  • Fix IntegraFramework if CTI was null.


⚡️ Improvements

  • New alert: AutomaticReportSFTP to schedule a task where you schedule a report, and will upload to a route from a specific SFTP.

  • Audits for administration on the voice dialers dashboard are improved.


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in tasks screen when saving new tasks



🧪 New features

  • New alert: Supervisor alert, alerts when a user exceed threshold time in a campaign sending a mail or SMS.


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Remove POP3 support for email campaigns


🧪 New features

⚡️ Improvements

  • New option for outbound voice queues: customer satisfaction survey

  • New combo in recordings to choose playback speed

  • New option to configure media devices. (Headphones, Speakers and Microphone) Hidden by default

  • Now, favorite agents show its status (available, break)

  • Customer feedback on email records

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix on disposition dash screen. An issue with campaigns combo was solved.

  • Improve performance over websocket requests


⚡️ Improvements

  • In campaigns screen: we changed periodic announce input text for a combo witch displays all system sounds.

  • Campaigns in phone’s combo automatically updates, once an agent is added to a queue

  • Now, scheduled reports can be cancelled

  • New permission for security groups: if the new permission is checked, you can add and delete campaign’s members but not to change campaign settings

🔧 Bug fixes

  • We had resolved some issues on the IntegraFramework:

    • There was an error with the ‘fulltable’ method in some situations

    • Refactor SOAPProxy method

  • Fix on sms screen when showing some recordings

  • Fix on webchat icons by default

  • We had fixes some styles

    • Form designer

    • Unified inbox

  • Fix on ‘goto if’ on form designer

  • Error on unsubscribe for an email dialer


?? New features

  • New framework function to set variables in any channel

⚡️ Improvements

  • It is allowed to add agents whose full name includes commas and tildes by bulk upload

  • Webchat

    • Security: you are allowed to associate the domain in which it will be used

    • Improved Phone field: now accepts a variety of characters for different use

  • New outgoing flow respecting defined campaign schedules.

  • Improvement in reports

  • Dispositions dashboard: now you can filter the list by each disposition level

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in Framework UC_getagentforcampaign

  • Fix in replace of Surveys

  • Fix when updating profile picture

  • Fix in uContact installer


⚡️ Improvements

  • Messenger: Now you can create messenger campaigns, procedures are updated.

  • Confirmation message when activating Messenger with Facebook.

  • Optional email history for mail answer

  • New uPhone documentation link

  • New Network Test link.

  • Ring on external speakers in general configuration

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in gitlog.

  • Fix IAX agent update.

  • Fix on Mute/Unmute recording


⚡️ Improvements

  • New event in email_log_repo 'FORWARDED'

  • Added an option in configuration for ring on speakers in an incoming call

  • Added an option in configuration to activate hot keys in the phone

  • Added an option in configuration to cancel wrapup

  • Added buttons on portal for redirect from dialer dashboard to campaign dashboard

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix on unhold automatic

  • Fix with company field in agent's configuration


🧪 New features

  • Mute and unmute call recordings by the agent

  • Record part of a call by the agent

⚡️ Improvements

  • Change Twillio port configuration on SMS campaigns

  • On dialers configuration, audio is now a select option with the system's audios

  • Now in call recording screen, you can see the oldest recording date

  • New button for hangup an agent's call in campstatus

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Wavy API

  • Fix email subject

  • Send SMS with campaign in SMS api

  • Update all emojis in channels

  • Fix name's validation in webchat


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix on sms records screen: problem with dates

  • Fix on db: resize obj field on interactions table for large emails

  • Fix when an agent save a disposition

  • Fix on phonebooks's active contacts

  • Change in query to get agent profile y campstatus

  • Fix on email when pasting an image in uContact's email textarea

  • Parse emojis on sms channel



⚡️ Improvements

  • New option for answer the call with enter key

  • Added PlatformID to use Heynow Client API

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix on phonebook when added a new contact

  • Data variable was added in originate for dialers

  • Fix on AMD dialers

  • Fix emojis in channel



⚡️ Improvements

  • Refactor system reports

  • Add campaign schedule in campstatus for supervisors

  • Change in dispositions: If the campaign is inbound or outbound and has no dialer associated, only 'NO ACTION' and 'RESCHEDULE' actions are allowed

  • Changelog offline: restyle

  • New report: abandon webchat

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in report's calendar: date format was incorrect

  • Fix in chosen survey controller's combo

  • Fix emojis in email subject

  • Fix tabs on UpdateIntegra script

  • Fix summernote plugin for email channel

  • Fix in phone directory for offline users



🧪 New features

  • Changelog inside uContact in SuperUser's Profile.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in dispositions window when a call is not answered by the agent.

  • Fix in campstatus format for a Waiting Average higher than 3600 seconds.

  • Fix in surveys with special characters into paragraph.

  • Auditory Reports with longer fields.

  • Fix in hour into Heynow from Unified Inbox.

  • EXITWITHTIMEOUT and ABANDON in webchat_log_repo now will see the initial message into data5 column.

  • Fix in datetime picker in reports screen.



🧪 New features

  • New report DetalleCDRCompletoPorColas

  • Filter campaign agents when adding new members

  • New method of the IntegraFramework to upload email lists

  • Colors in dialerdash lists to indicate the states

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Improved message delivery on the HeyNow channel

  • Unnecessary log is deleted in phone.js

  • Fix in the menu displayed on the left of the portal

  • ABANDONED is added for the dialers when they can not be contacted so they can be recycled later

  • Fix on the screen of dialerdash dependence moment

  • Fix when calling custom store procedures in recycling

  • Fix in the handling of lists because they disappeared sometimes




To have the functionality cancel wrapup, you have to re-compile the uContact AppQueue!

🧪 New features

  • Cancel wrapup: now agents can cancel their wrapup in order to answer more calls

  • Timezones in Dialers 🤟🌍

  • Update Integra from the portal 👩‍💻👨‍💻

  • WhatsApp wavy Integration 📱

  • Audios in the unified inbox: Now you can record audios and send to any channel from the unified inbox 🎧

  • ParseXML activity in workflows designer

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in email dialers screen.

  • Fix in report DetalleCDRCompleto

  • Fix in analyzing SMS dialer base

  • Fix in email screen so that campaigns do not receive emails if you do not want.

  • Fix in surveys dashboard

  • Fix in portal phone: calls are no longer transferred to disconnected agents

  • The holidays audit is improved



🧪 New features

  • New campstatus graph to see agent breaks 👌

  • Hey reports are added now

  • Generate CSV

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fixes of attachments in hey

  • Fix in recordings tags

  • Visual fix in audit report

  • Dialer logs improvements



🧪 New features

  • Agent screen monitoring for all channels

  • Bengali language on the webchat

  • Hey Attachments

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix when making a video call from the portal

  • CSS menu fix when the user did not have a phone

  • Hey data types for reports



🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix of the phone, now typifications are opened when the call is cut

  • Fix in standby music screen

  • It is saved when sending in email_repo when an email is sent by the API

  • Fix in security groups for HeyNowCampaigns

  • Fix when monitoring multiple users screens

  • Fix of thresholds alerts in campstatus

  • Fix duplicate sms_repo when starting interaction

  • Fix dialers empty agentphones when emptying ActiveAgents