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The agent will have all the interactions here.


Each interaction will look like the following, having its channel icon and its details.

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Interactions can be filtered by channel selecting its icon.

(blue star) Agents can transfer interactions by clicking on this icon, a list with the appropriate channel campaign will unfold.

(blue star) Agents can finish the interactions.

titleSearch for Interactions

Through this button the agent can access the search for interactions.

To access them, it must be fulfilled that: They belong to an active campaign, the agent must be the one who attended the interaction, it must be finalized and be in a range of one month.

By default, all completed interactions will be brought.


Currently you can search for interactions belonging to Email and SMS campaigns

In the upper section we will find the Interaction Finder, it will look for matches in the destination mail box or the mails subject.

The same for SMS, the system will search for matches of destination numbers. 

(blue star) To perform the search, the user can press the Enter key or click on the magnifying glass icon.

(blue star) It allows to close the search engine of interactions and return to the unified inbox.

(blue star) Allows you to change between Mails Emails search SMS search or SMS Messenger search (By default MailsEmails). pressing it will display a modal like the following:

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(blue star) Allows you to search between results if you have more than 10 interactions that match the search criteria.

It should be noted that when you close the modal and open it again the system will show us the last search made with the current session.


The search for interactions will have a configuration option that will allow or not see interactions of other agents, see the settings of Agents for more info.