The incorporation of Infobip to our service provides a better experience for our clients.

There are many possibilities that highlight how useful this service is


Setting up Infobip in uContact should only follow a few simple steps, but first we must verify that it has everything required to create a provider and campaign.


  • Account configured in Infobip and access to it

  • Enabled contact number

  • Login to uContact with a user with permission to create SMS campaigns and dialers.

1. Configure account

  • In the Infobip account you must create a ScenarioKey

  • UContact Webhooks are also configured so that Infobip sends messages to the portal.

2. Obtaining access parameters

In infobip you will find the API Keys that you will need to create the provider in uContact

3. Create uContact Provider

LogIn to uContact with a user with permissions to create SMS Providers.

Once inside we go to Administrator → Providers → SMS

We select InfobipWhatsapp from the list of providers and complete the fields:

  • Name
    To identify the provider

  • User
    Created ScenarioKey

  • Password
    Infobip API Key

  • SMS from
    WhatsApp Number, only numbers.

By clicking on Save the provider will be ready to work.