uContact can be integrated with the Twilio, Wavy and Hey Apis to create WhatsApp providers and campaigns.

As they are integrations, when WhatsApp is required, the service of each provider must also be contracted

To do this, just contact the Integra CCS sales team.

WhatsApp Providers

You must first create the provider, below you can see a list of uContact compatible providers.

Within each provider you can see how to obtain the necessary information and how to configure it in uContact.


WhastApp Campaigns

After creating the provider, everything is ready to create a campaign and start working.

Within each provider you can see how to create the campaign for each of them.


WhatsApp Important Concepts

Opt In

To guarantee the accuracy of data, we suggest you always invite the end customer to contact you via WhatsApp.

In turn, we can include in the invitation a box in which the WhatsApp number is requested.

We can create a good contact base in the following ways:

  • Sending an SMS with link to Whatsapp requesting OptIn.

  • Place a table requesting the information on your website.

  • Create mailing chains in order to collect numbers.

  • Train Call Center agents to request OptIn by phone.

Netflix Opt-In example:

Opt Out

Let your customers indicate if they do not want to receive more messages from you through WhatsApp

In this way we will avoid being checked as spam.


To start a WhatsApp conversation, it is necessary that the message template is one enabled by your provider, if you try to start a conversation without a template enabled it will never start.

Any other message structure that is SENT to the client can be interpreted as SPAM

When a user responds, a session that lasts 24 hours starts, during that time, any message can be sent, without the need for a template.

Your {{1}} appointment is coming up on {{2}}.

  • A message with a base of 100 numbers is sent on the dialer:

    ‘Your Crystal Lounge appointment is coming up on tomorrow at 12:00 PM’

  • This message will be delivered to all recipients, the respondent will initiate an interaction for the appropriate SMS campaign, thus being able to speak with an agent in case you have doubts etc. about the appointment.

Take care about SPAM!

  • Actively sending SPAM messages are prohibited (Marketing, Promotions, etc.).

  • There are infinite messages that can be invasive, aggressive. For this reason it is mandatory to have a reliable customer base for WhatsApp.

  • If you communicate promotions on other channels that make the client request more information, it is not considered Spam, as long as the client enters to his WhatsApp and requests it (the conversation has to be initiated by the end customer).

  • Keep in mind that it will be the end customer who decides if you help, inform or disturb. For this reason we suggest maintaining friendly communication.