Gmail activation tutorial

As of May 30, 2022, access to uContact and other applications will not be allowed through the setting of less secure applications. Due to this, the steps to follow to configure a Gmail account that allows its use in uContact will be shown below.


Configuration from Gmail:

To allow the use of the Gmail account in a uContact campaign, you must enter the Google account settings and within the security tab enable two-step verification.

By clicking on the Gmail account icon, a menu will be displayed and there we will access the Manage your Google account button.




On the next screen, we will enter the Security menu and then Two-Step Verification.



After you have enabled it, the App passwords option will appear in the Security tab of the Google account.



When entering, the Mail application is selected and the device with which said account will be used is selected.


Note: Selecting the device “Other (custom name)” allows the account to be left with an associated name of your choice. Otherwise, it will be left with the default name of the selected device.


Google will automatically generate a password, as seen below:


This password is the one that will be used in the Password field in the Email campaign in uContact.


Email campaign set up in uContact

  • Account: It is the email through which the emails will enter.

  • Password: This is the password generated by Google for the associated account.

  • Outgoing SMTP: | Port 587 | tls

  • IMAP Inbound: | Port 993 | ssl


To finish the creation process, the user must click the Save button.