Webchat Client

Set up Web Page

This section explains how the call center should set up the web page, embedding uContact's Webchat for its correct use.

Clients should embed the following script.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 <script src="https://serverID.ucontactcloud.com/webchatclient/integrawebchat.js"></script> <script> initwebchat({ ip: "serverID.ucontactcloud.com", campaign: "campaignsName" }); </script >

The first line represents the file inclusion that will be provided.

On the second line, the client must complete the following:

  • IP: where "serverID" is the IP address or domain of the server where webchat is going to be taking part.

  • campaign : where "campaignsName" is the webchat campaign's name configured in uContact's portal, from where the interactions will come and go.

It is necessary that from this public IP address, the following ports get redirected:

  • 8089 TCP (SIP signposting through WebSocket) to the telephony server.

  • 443 from webchat to uContact's server.

In order to use audio and video, the clients' webpage must be through HTTPS with the validated security certificate. A free one can be obtained through here: https://letsencrypt.org/

Incorporating Webchat using WordPress

In order to insert the webchat client on your webpage using WordPress, follow the next steps:

  1. In uContac's portal, go to Webchat configuration for the campaign created.

     Click on the WordPress plugin to download it.

  2. Log In to your WordPress account

  3. Go to the Plugins' section on the left side menu

  4. Click on Add New to install the new plugin

  5. Click on Upload Plugin and upload the downloaded file from the first step

  6. Once uploaded, click on Install Now

  7. When the installation is done, the following will appear, and then click on Activate Plugin

  8. Open the Settings section on the left side menu and go to Webchat Settings

    IP: Replace the IP part for your IP address
    Campaign: Write the name of your webchat campaign configured in uContact's portal

    And donde! The new plugin will appear on the installed plugins section and is ready to use.

Webchat's Web Page

Available campaign

When the campaign is available, the agents that are online can attend the incoming interactions.

The client can visualize the following pop-up:

A welcome message configured in the campaign settings will appear on the top of the window. The client must complete all the required data and click on the Send button to start the interaction.

When the interaction gets sent, the client will be on the waiting pile. From this moment on, agent-client can exchange messages.

If the campaign configured allows it, the client can see the agent's name that attended the interaction.

This button, allows the client to attach different types of files. This is useful when a screen capture helps on solving the problem.

A video call and call options are available for the client to interact with the agent if these options are activated on the campaign configuration like is shown in the following picture:


Video chat

If the client wants to close the interaction, just click on the cross on the top right side of the window. The client will see a pop-up window to confirm whether the agent wants to close the chat or not.

If the client cancels it, the conversation will continue without deleting any message.

Otherwise, if the webchat campaign is configured to allow feedback, the client can qualify the interaction, leave a personal opinion and receive a mail with all the messages in the conversation by clicking on this option checkbox.

Out of time campaign

If the campaign is not available, the client can send a message that will be seen in the recorded Webchat option.

A message will appear letting the client know that the campaign is out of time, like is shown below:

No agents available

If all the agents are unavailable, the Not Available message configured appear, like so: