Tutorial for Instagram API Integration

Integration by flows through Gupshup. To request the flows for integration, contact the uContact team.

Instagram configuration

To integrate uContact with your Instagram page, you’ll need to create or update your account into a Business/Professional account.

To do so, you must:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ by clicking in the wheel next to the ‘Edit profile’ button.

  2. By clicking the wheel, the following submenu will appear. Select Professional/Business Account. 

  3. In the window that appears, select the Professional Account option from the left side menu and click on the ‘Switch to Business Account’ button.

  4. Click on the ‘Switch’ button

Once you’ve created the business account, you must connect it with a Facebook business page.

The creation of a new Facebook page is required.


In order to do so, you follow the next steps: 

  1. Access the ‘Edit profile’ section.

    Select the ‘Edit profile’ option in the left side menu and access the ‘Account Center’.

  2. Once in the ‘Account center’, select the ‘Accounts & Profiles’ section in the left side menu and click on the ‘Add account’ button.

  3. Select the ‘Add Facebook account’ option and follow the instructions on the screen. 

  4. To finish, press the button ‘Yes, finish setup.

Gupshup Integration

Creation of a Gupshup ( ) account is required.

Create your account on Gupshup and click on the ‘Dashboard’ button next to your profile icon in the menu bar. This will deploy a submenu with several options. Select ‘My Bots’.  

Dentro de la sección de ‘My Bots’, se deberá crear un Bot haciendo clic en el botón +.

To create the Bot you must complete the fields in the ‘Get Started’ window with the Bot’s name and a brief description. Press the button ‘Next’ to continue with the configuration.

Inside the ‘Select Method’ window, select the ‘Callback post’ option and enter the webhook’s URL


To finish, press the ‘Create Bot’ button.


After creating the Bot, you’ll be able to see it in the ‘My Bots’ section. There, the following step would be to configure the Instagram channel. 

How to configure the Instagram channel: 

Select the Bot and click on the ‘Channels’ button under the ‘Publish’ column.

Click on the ‘Publish’ button next to the Instagram line inside the ‘Channels Supported’ window. 

Onche published, you’ll be asked to connect your Facebook business account. 

To connect your Facebook account you must follow the instructions and requirements stated in the pop-up window screen: 

In the left side menu bar, select the ‘Settings’ option. 

Next, access the ‘Advanced Messaging’ option in the left side menu bar and click on the ‘Configure’ button next the ‘Instagram Receiver’ option. 

Inside the ‘App Configuration’ window, select ‘Gupshup Bot’ as the Main Receiver of the Handover Protocol.

When finished, the app will appear in the ‘Connected apps’ list inside the ‘Advanced Settings’ section.

The following will appear on the Gupshup page:

Access your Instagram account from a mobile device and click on the icon. Next, go to Settings → Privacy.

When in Privacy → Messages, allow the system access to all Instagram Direct Messages. 

Create uContact Provider

Log into uContact with a user that has permission to create SMS providers.

Once logged in, we go to Providers → SMS.

We select GupshupInstagram from the providers' list, and we fill in the fields:

  • Name
    To identify the provider.

  • Username
    The name of the previously created Bot will be entered.

  • Password
    Gupshup API Key.