Install Ubuntu 20.04

For installations On Premises or Cloud.

Navigate to the official Ubuntu website:

Select “Server install image”.

We can also download it by clicking on this link: 64-bit PC (AMD64) desktop image. Once the installer is downloaded, we run it in our virtual machine and configure it.

IMPORTANT: Run the downloaded archive in the virtual machine.



Select English as the default language and press enter.

You must select the layout of the keyboard and press enter.

Select Manual and press enter.

Fill in the blanks that are shown in the image with the corresponding data and press enter.

If the system requires a proxy address to connect to the internet, fill in the blank and press enter. Otherwise, leave this blank and press enter.

If you use an alternative mirror address for Ubuntu, fill the blank and press enter.

Select the default storage device and press enter.

Select continue on the pop-up window and press enter.

Fill in the blanks that are shown on the image. The default password is: “password”.

Once the system on the interface is initiated you will be able to change the password.

At Install OpenSSH server press enter and, using the down arrow key, go to Done and press enter again.

Press enter.

Select Reboot and press enter.

Installation completed.