The role of the supervisor does not participate in the game and his screen is in the Portal, can:

In the left menu, open the tab "Gamification".


To see the view of the game as a supervisor you must select the functionality "Game".

Within it , there is a group and an individual view. The view of the Group is similar to the following, where the progress of each group is observed from the location of their logos on the map.

The individual view is similar to the following:

Within these screens, you can see a detail of the Group / Agent with the percentage of group and individual goals appears in both group and individual view. 
Another of the features of these screens are able to see the ranking of players throughout the area.


After we have an active game , we can go to the tab " Ranking " . A screen will look like the following

This functionality is to see the ranking as as shown on the game screen, but in this case can be made ranking filtering by date by measure, the number of agents you want to show you the table.

With the checkbox situated on top of the green button "Show", the user can enable or disable de view of the general ranking of the Agents.


To give badges to an agent, what we do is enter "Badge " and a screen like the following will appear:

To grant a badge to an agent, we must first select the category and then select the agent assigned the badge with a message. 
The images of badges are displayed to allocate according to the category selected . You can see a table with all badges agent with the option to delete them.