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En este documento se aclara cómo funcionará la integración de uContact con la api de Wavy para la creación de campañas de Whatsapp.


Table of Contents

Firsts Steps


First we must have access to Wavy. If you do not have it, you can go to the Integra CCS commercial area.
This is necessary for our number to be enabled to send whatsapp via uContact.
This step must be repeated for each number we wish to use as a provider.

Luego de aprobada la cuenta nos dirigiremos a la configuración de Wavy.



In the side menu we go to WhatsApp → Account.

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Upon entering this screen we will see our WhatsApp account created by Wavy.

Here we can get our approved number, company description and other options.

Wavy will require you to pass the web services to connect with uContact.

For new POST messages

For the status of POST messages

HSM Codes

titleTemplates list

To see the outgoing message templates we go to WhatsApp → HSM.

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Here we will have the list of possible outgoing messages and their code to send the message.


In the first instance we must configure WavyWhatsapp as our provider.

For this we will go to Providers/SMS


Here we must configure our provider.

First we will put:

  • Name with which we will identify our supplier.

  • Username is provided by Wavy.

  • Password is provided by Wavy

  • SMS RegExp will be entered "." to ensure its operation.

  • SMSFrom namespace provided by wavy after account creation

After completing the fields press “Save” and this would be configured for WavyWhatsapp.


Once the provider's configuration is finished, we will go to Campaigns/SMS


Here we will create our WhatsApp campaign, all we have to complete its:

  • Name to identify the campaign

  • Service Level

  • SMS Providers select our provider previously created for WhatsApp.

  • DIDs - Ports enter the phone number approved for Wavy

The remaining fields have the same function as the rest of SMS campaigns.

At the end of the creation click on the Save button and our WhatsApp campaign will be ready, it would only be necessary to add the agents through the Members tab.


See Members - Omnichannel for more information


To create a WhatsApp dialer we must have our providers created.
Once created we will go to Dialers → SMS

titleCreate dialer

Here we will create our WhatsApp dialer, we must simply select:

  • SMS providers the provider created for Whatsapp at the beginning of this document.

  • Dialing chain complete with "." to ensure its operation

All other fields behave the same as SMS dialers.

titleHSM templates

It is important to note that to start a WhatsApp conversation using dialers, the following csv format is necessary:

  • hsm:hsm_code:data1:data2

CSV example:

  • hsm:chatclub_open_session_v2:Integra:Operation Performed

Customer Receive:

Integra reports:
Operation performed


When a user responds, a session that lasts 24 hours begins, at that time, any message can be sent, without the need for a template.

A message with a base of 100 numbers is sent on the dialer:

  • 'Your appointment is coming up on tomorrow at 12:00 PM'

This message will be delivered to all recipients, the respondent will initiate an interaction for the SMS campaign that corresponds, thus being able to speak with an agent in case you have doubts etc. about the appointment.

If you want more templates, you must ask your provider to be approved