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Then will show a brief description of the functionalities and properties of the applications that can use in the workflow. 

Table of Contents

Basic Applications

x4zRs5pi.pngImage Modified StartActivity

This activity is necessary to give the sart the to flow in the same context will indicate that the flow and extension is performed.

This extension are detailed previously in Application Description v6


    • Context: Indicates the context which the flow is applicated.
    • Exten: Indicates the extension in which the flow is applied.


Image Modified Answer

This application answerd the call.


    • Delay: Indicates the delay that applied in the answered time of milliseconds.

Image Modified setLanguage

The language that it producing the call is stored.


    • Language: Indicates the language.

Image Modified set

It can create variables and assign values one that already exist, this variables can be used in all the flow and can store in the database.


    • Variablename: Indicates the variable name, if the name start with two underscore  "__" means that it's global (Ex:__Ani).
    • Value:Indicates the value that assign to the variable.


Image Modified GUID

This application generate a unique identifier of the call and assign the value automatically to the variable ${guid}.


Image Modified SetCDRGuid

To let this value unique (the GUID) in the CDR.


Image Modified SetCDRType

To assign the CDR type,it can be record (to record the conversation), voicemail(if email mailbox ) or fax (if it incoming fax).


Image Modified SetRecordName

Assign the identifier to the recording, usually use ${guid}.



Image Added Read

This application emits an audio and wait an answer which can store a variable, usually is used to generate menus.


    • Variable: It defined a variable in which the value entered after hearing the audio is saved.
    •  Filename: Contains the name of the playing audio,which it must have been previously uploaded to the portal.
    • Maxdigits:Tha maximun number of digits that may have the answer is defined.
    • Option : May 's','i','n'. These options indicate the behavior that can take read in particular cases, the behavior description of each tab in the application help.



Image Added GotoIf

This application is used to evaluate conditions, it can be used variables declarated in the SET, returns to the READ and Asterisk variables. Its normal use is after a READ to evaluate the entered option. This application has two outputs:


    • Condition: Write a condition to evaluate.


Image Added SetCDRCampaign

To assign the name of the campaign to CDR.


  • Camp: Name of the campaign which turns the call.

Image Modified Queue

Derives the call to a queue.


    • Queuename: The name of the campaign to derives the call.
    • Options: Can add options to the call, the description of each option that found the tag of help of the app.
    • Url: Send a url.
    • Annonceoverride: Changes the announcement.
    • Timeout:Maximum time to be in the queue.
    • AGI: Runs AGI script when the call is attended.
    • Macro: Runs macro when the call is attended.
    • Gosub: Go to the sub of rutine.
    • Rule: Applies to a rule.
    • Position: Gives a position in the queue.

Specific Functions


Image AddedFuncODBC (Hash)

Asterisk function that allows to make queries to the data base.


The following will return a row containing the consulted data from the columns (did, name, dialstring).

Image ModifiedWhile

The While function consists of a condition and a block of code called an expression. This function checks if the condition is true, if it is, executes the expression. The lasts steps repeat themselves till the condition is false.


We have the While action, that contains the condition, then it continues with the block of code that gets to be executed if the condition is true, if it is, the block of code executed as long as the condition is true. When this one is false, the workflow will get to the EndWhile action and continue the flow.