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Table of Contents

The Game

One game is integrated for many competitions given during a specific while. It has place when the administrator active the game untill it cancel, and only there is a game  by area of Call center. An area of active play can have more than one group, each group has different agents.


Besides the game, it will be a dynamic ranking that will generate in base to the following filters:
Amount of competitors to show, Initial date,Finish date,Performance measures (points game), and if it's shows agents (and in which group), group. It is only for the current selected area.

The Score

  • Point earned in the day of today. It is reflected in the game like advance in the daily goal.

  • There will be levels of experience according the amount of badges received.
  • The group score  is the sum of the points of their agents.
  • The Area score is the sum of the points of the groups.

The objectives

The objectives are daily, personal for agents and determine how the score is generate .


The agents can see the progress in their daily objectives and that of his group and team.  The daily objectives are the same for every agent in the same game, they not change according the team o group.  The business objectives of the Call Center (sales or collections) they are to compose the daily goals of agents in its various performance indicators.


All the mentions and public congrats for agents are made through badges. The administrators define badges that they need (for example, badge of Super Champion). The company choose her name, description, category and image.  Then the supervisor can decide who win and assigned to the winners, to appear in their profile. You can reward an entire group (badge for all players in the group).The system does not automatically assigned badges.