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6.367 🦠

⚡️ Improvements


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix when breaking

  • Fix in log formatting of date> IntegraServer.log

  • Fix in view of agents by security group in recordings

  • Log in DispositionCall (details about API)

⚡️ Improvements

  • Subject in email notifications

  • Manual call rebooking


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fixes in email styles (CSS)

  • Threadpool Jetty Increment

  • Fixes in Gmail API revoke token

  • Fix on recordings agents

  • Missing dependency on installer

  • Survey convert

6.366 🦠

6.365 🦠


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Facebook Fix: PhotoMatch Username

  • Fix in NullPointerException MemoryCache

  • Visual fix on slow reports

  • Log rotate syslog on install

⚡️ Improvements

  • Add labels for DispositionCall

  • Add onLoadIframe event for webchat API


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Jetty version update

  • Enlarge jetty queue thread pool

6.364 🦠

6.363 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Popup image in unified inbox emails

  • Full stars option for webchat

  • Hold time on the agent's phone, now you see a counter of how long it has been since you put the call on hold


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix when bringing the first SMS's of an interaction

  • Fix when viewing SMS recordings with enter

  • When an agent was writing something in the unified inbox and a call came to him, he lost everything, now it is fixed

  • Fix status of pause agents when logging out in campstatus

⚡️ Improvements

  • Integration with Gmail for the email channel (blue star)

6.362 🦠

6.361 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Improvements in workforce reports

  • Agent names with numbers and is added in the scheduler

  • TLS 1.2 and 1.3

  • Logs on Integra server, MySql and Asterisk Cloud for greater information capture on these services.

  • View Deleted Agents in Security Groups

  • Reschedule in progressive dialers


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix status of first whatsapp message when the interaction is outgoing

  • Fix in email when an email arrives to an interaction that is in queue

  • Fix in webchat recordings when there is a bot

  • Fix for error typing calls that were parked

⚡️ Improvements


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fixes in transferred and then retrieved interactions

  • Fix when uploading audios and music on hold

  • Fix about security group agents in recordings

6.360 🦠

6.359 🦠


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fixes in transferred and then retrieved interactions

  • Fix when uploading audios and music on hold

  • Fix about security group agents in recordings

⚡️ Improvements

  • Change requests in workforce (blue star)


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Interactions_stats: Calculation numbers are rounded in seconds and attention time is added

  • Fix for frontend when downloading reports of interactions.

6.358 🦠

6.357 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Support for emojis when installing uContact

  • Interactions that returned to the queue when the agent disconnected are now returned to the agent when they connect if they are still in the queue.


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • HTTPS is added for DinstarWebDigest

⚡️ Improvements

  • Search recordings by GUID (channels and calls) (blue star)

6.356 🦠

6.355 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Analytics improvements (interaction_stats, agent_stats stickiness metric)

  • Option to hide attachments in webchat


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix \ n JSON in webhook

  • Fix on report DetalleTipificacionesWebChatPorFecha.jrxml

⚡️ Improvements

  • Webchat api (documentation here)

  • New activity: MessageStatus in the flow designer, to change the status of sent messages (reference here)(referencia aqui)

  • Modal code editor for JS and SQL flow designer


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix when ending a webchat that is in queue

  • Fix on report DetalleLlamadasEntrantesCompletadas.jrxml

  • Facebook token status fix

  • Fix in facebook recordings

  • Survey filter fix in reports

6.354 🦠

6.353 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Asterisk installation is now done from Integra's Google Storage

  • Dialer change to assign more priority to older lists

  • Heynow interaction history


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix when saving attachments to base for per-flow SMS providers

⚡️ Improvements

  • Agent_stats improvements and new fields

  • New option in channel campaigns, to be able to choose which ones to transfer to.

  • Option to connect automatic webchat call: Now you can choose between voice call or video call.


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix dates in view of agent types

6.352 🦠

6.351 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Video video call when connecting a webchat interaction (in the next update the option to choose between audio and video will appear) (blue star) (blue star)


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix when retrieving interactions from different channels

  • Fix when sharing screen from agent to client in webchat, sometimes the video was not seen

  • Fix in survey report (blue star) (blue star) (blue star) (green star)

⚡️ Improvements

  • Workforce Management improvement


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in typifications

  • Fix time between calls for SMS dialers

  • Fix in Bot timeout

  • Fix in the list of agents and campaigns when transferring interactions

  • Fix interaction_stats when saving in Database

  • Update: simple peer 9.7.2 to 9.10.0

6.350 🦠

6.348 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • New interaction detail report

  • Variable buffer in added in Asterisk update

  • New report: DetalleLlamadasEntrantes

  • New campaign statistics (campaign_stats) and new metrics for agents (agent_stats) 🤟


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix when uploading a disposition base with blank lines

  • Fix in call log in webchat_log_repo

  • Serialization of transfers between agents when the Integra Server is restarted

  • Fix on screen of recordings when there was only one campaign in the filter

⚡️ Improvements

  • Interaction statistics: new metrics for interactions


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in Wavy Whatsapp HSM and new API template

  • Fix in webchat whan downloading and uploading the server: the websocket is automatically connected

6.347 🦠

6.346 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Channel dashboard improvement: new indicators are added and the graph is changed

  • Beta of analytics in workforce management


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in bots

  • Fix for duplicate messages in bots

⚡️ Improvements

  • Location of whatsapp for Infobip

  • New field in security group, to not allow agent actions in dashboards


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix and update to the latest version of summernote

  • Bot fix when sending text whit `

  • Fix of the duplicate in the first message that started the interaction

  • Fix in stream webhook response, now it is empty

  • Fix when sending video type attachment to provider in Wavy

  • Fix unified inbox notifications

  • Field filter is removed when recycling

  • Fix report: DetalleLlamadasEntrantesAbandonadas

6.344 🦠

6.343 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • New report DetalleLlamadasEntrantesCompletadas


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in channels dashboard when the campaign had bot at the end

  • Fix in notificatins of transfers between campaigns

  • Fix in 'evaluate expression' bot

  • Form url encoded parameter is added in channels stream

  • Fix in campaing chat

⚡️ Improvements


  • Improvemens to reports: CantidadLlamadasEntrantesAbandonadasDatosEstadisticosEntrantresDetalleCDRResumidoDetalleTipificacionesTelefoniaCantidadDispositionsDetallesTipificacionesTelefoniaPorFechaDetalleLlamadasEntrantesCompletadas


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix update Asterisk

  • Fix queuename empty in phone.js events

  • Fixes multiple notification channels

  • Disposition with two spaces is now saved to the database

  • When starting an interaction that was in the queue now specifies the error

  • Fix in the channels panel, the time indicated in the queue returned to 0 if the IntegraServer was restarted

6.341 🦠

6.340 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Update Asterisk to 13.38.1

  • New certificates

  • Bot variables

  • Infobip status whatsapp

  • New exec script function whit no result


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix email history font in unified inbox

  • Fix hide/unhide facebook comments

  • Fix client name in messenger

  • Fix URLENCODE in asterisk when sms arrived whit %

  • Security groups of agents in reports, before it did not take agents into account

  • Fix campaign NONE in queue_log_repo del phone.js events

⚡️ Improvements

  • Removed limit in search of historical emails


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix shift + enter in unified inbox

  • Fix emojis in textarea of the unified

  • Fix messenger username permissions

  • Fix execws bots

  • Fix in report DetallesTipificacionesSMSPorFecha

  • Fix transfers notifications in the unified inbox

6.338 🦠

6.337 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Email history improvement

  • Channel notifications: accessibility parameter is added

  • Workflows designer: Text variables in the position activity

  • Virtual hold in ACD table for campstatus


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in channels provider flows: it wasn't ignoring them in dialplan file

  • Fixes in activity for bots: ExecWS

  • Like is removed in the caller id when loading the historical sms in the unified inbox

  • White label images are added in the install script, to download from the licenciator

  • Fix contact manager

  • Record is saved in calls_spool_repo when reespooling


🧪 New features

  • In the campaign parameter in the bots transfer activity, you can now pass a js $ {} expression to it

⚡️ Improvements

  • Webchat and bot surveys

  • CAMPAIGN is added as a variable in all channels for bots

  • The client's name is saved in the ENTERQUEUE record for whatsapp in the data2 column

  • JSSIP 3.7.0 phone and webchat


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in webchat audio call

  • Fix in password when creating supervisor

  • Fix in messenger for European changes. Attachments are sent as links.

  • Fix when updating SMS providers

  • Fix OpenedForms

  • Fix in SMS dialer for whatsapp

  • Fix in the initial message when a bot was used at the end of the interaction

  • Fix DID validation for dialer campaigns with random

  • Format validation is removed when uploading audio files

6.336 🦠

6.335 🦠


🧪 New features

  • Workforce Management (beta) 🥳🥳

    • Available only for Full clients

Workforce Management

⚡️ Improvements

  • jQuery update from 3.1.0 to 3.5.1

  • New ChatPerAgentMessenger report

  • Improvement in the PerformanceEmailPerAgent report


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix of retries 0 in busy agent

  • Default VM false when creating agents

  • Fix in query sms recordings

  • Fix in historical query sms in interaction

  • Fixed bug in SMS spying, messages were not seen properly

  • Fix of blacklist method in IntegraFramework


🧪 New features

  • Bots upon completion

    • Now you can select a bot to which the interaction will be transferred at the end 🤟

  • Security groups

    • "Only edit campaign members" permission now also for channels

    • Permission so that security groups cannot see any forms

⚡️ Improvements

  • The status of sending messages is added in the database for Infobip

  • Update of the Complete CDR Detail report

  • HeyNow and Messenger providers screens are hidden if the license does not have channels


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in messenger provider tokens

  • Format and name validation when uploading an audio to the system from the portal

  • Abandon button in webchat was hidden

6.334 🦠

6.333 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Agent stats (beta)

  • Improvements for accessibility


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in email password when updating a campaign

  • Fix in limit of 1000 agents in getSips ws

  • Facebook activation without messenger provider

⚡️ Improvements

  • New function for the IntegraFramework UC_exec_batch_async

  • New event in flows, OUTCALLSTARTED

  • Events of messages sent in TwillioWhatsApp are saved


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • VoipInnovations provider fix

  • Fix in recycling, it is grouped by destination in the quer

  • Fix in WebChatAgent report filter

6.332 🦠

6.331 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Jasper update from 6.7.1 to 6.16


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in omnichannel dashboard service level

  • Fix in designer's background

  • Fix in respool alternative without alternative numbers

  • Fix in EmailStatisticsData report


🧪 New features

  • Messenger providers

  • Multiple DID's on dialers

  • Record screen of a call

⚡️ Improvements

  • License request improvement:

    • The mail field was added so that the user can be notified

  • New blue default background

  • Improvements for accessibility


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in survey print view

  • Fix on Facebook Recordings for supervisors without a phone

  • Fix when submitting with enter on facebook from the unified inbox

6.330 🦠

6.329 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • New report to list calls that come in through API

  • Improve attachments for SMS providers by flow


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix when deploying in Workflows designer

  • Stun is removed from google on phone js

  • Fixed field ‘To’ when forwarding emails

  • Fix loading agent campaigns when initiating an interaction

  • Fix messenger images at the beginning of the interaction


🧪 New features

  • New webhook and channel provider designer

⚡️ Improvements

  • Ccdata statistics with the licenciator

  • APIBan

  • Update from java 8u131 to 8u271 on install

  • Accessibility improvements and keyboard shortcuts


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fixes for custom webchat integration

  • User-agent at login

6.328 🦠

6.326 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • 'To' field is removed in forwarding email

  • Maxlength in webchatclient survey


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fixes in Spanish webchat translations

  • Fix on name when transferring webchat and full name

⚡️ Improvements

  • Performance of sms queries in main dashboard

  • Initial message in bot for: webchat, sms and messenger

  • Webchat form parameters can now be received by url for integration


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix hey history from the previous build

  • Fix in gamification url

  • Fix in dialers with P

6.325 🦠

6.323 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Full user name in messenger

  • uContact now reports the disks status

  • HeyNow history in unified inbox

  • setIgnoreGraphics parameter in jasper is now true

    • If a report is broken, the change must be made in the report


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in sms_providers

    • HeyNow and Email, password problems

  • Fix on SMS recordings screen

    • Search for recordings by agent started by a bot

  • Fix on unified inbox

    • Spell check was not taken when sending messages by pressing enter

  • Fix in SMSDetalleConversacion report

⚡️ Improvements

  • Security

    • Passwords are no longer displayed in uContact, they can only be changed

    • Password limit for users

  • Copy omnichannel campaign dispositions

  • Improvement in dialers when the agent gives Busy


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Less timeout and more log on dialers

  • Fix in users without phone to see dispositions

  • Campaign timezones are removed

  • Fix in spying of SMS interactions when there were attachments

6.322 🦠

6.321 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Timezone for campaigns

  • Improved base upload by removing b64 from the portal

  • New configuration for each agent to see their own typings

  • Delete scheduled calls from the portal for a dialer

  • New alert to notify multiple users

  • Name of agents is added to SMS recordings

  • New report name field


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • The verbose level for the func_odbc is changed

  • Fix in fromname email

  • Fix in negative channel of dialers

  • Fix in queue_log transfer, the number was not being saved

  • Fix in voice dispositions, the button was stuck

  • Fix in webchat when on video call

  • Fixed agent error already connected with interaction

  • Fix in tag runner


🧪 New features

  • New WhatsApp provider, Jelou

⚡️ Improvements

  • Improved SMS recordings screen

    • Interactions are now listed.

  • New campaign filter in voice members

  • Timeout in the UC_Http_Proxy function of the IntegraFramework

  • New button to restart channels on dialers

  • Autocomplete off on all uContact password fields

  • Home dashboard improvement

    • SMS card Includes HeyNow messages

    • Rename SMS to SMS / Whatsapp

  • Maximum channels number validation from the frontend

  • Hidden the twitter’s campaign status


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in SMSRegExp from previous build

  • HeyNow Provider Screen Fix

  • Fix in wrapup for outbound campaigns

  • Fix in ExecWS in bots, strings with symbol `

  • Fix in websocket logs

  • Transfer interaction even when agent is paused

  • Fix in network for duplicate disposition

  • Fix in dialers to avoid negative stats

  • Fix in dialer 300 channels loop

6.320 🦠

6.318 🦠

⚡️ Improvements


  • Scheduled tasks in Licenciator

  • .ogg audios for HeyNow


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in closing email

  • Fix in email when transferring between campaigns

  • Fix in REENTERQUEUE in emails

  • Fix in sms_scheduler

  • REGExp validation on SMS providers

  • Fix in the DNCR of the dialers

    • It was not updated in real time

  • Fix in holdtime of interactions

    • Dashboard and standby interactions time were not the same

⚡️ Improvements

  • TURN is added to share screen function in the portal

  • New SMS provider Bandwidth

  • Request licenses from licenciator


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in survey report

  • Fix in ringall for HeyNow campaigns

  • TIGO provider fix

6.316 🦠

6.315 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Bot functions

  • Dispositions modal

    • Telephony dispositions are mandatory


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in voice campaigns, DID with + not allowed

  • Fix in hey now recordings and sending audios

  • Duplicate email fix

  • Fix email forwarding

⚡️ Improvements

  • New SMS provider Tigo


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in preview dialers

  • ParseJson buffer fix in asterisk

  • Audits in IntegraFramework

  • Fix in reports:

    • IncomingWebChatbyHours

    • AmountWebChatsPerDay

  • Fix for rrmemorynocall strategy

  • Fix when unbreak with the form open

6.314 🦠

6.312 🦠


🧪 New features

  • New dialer type: ReverseProgressive.

⚡️ Improvements

  • Ringall interactions now show the time elapsed since the interaction started, and not when the agent started ringing

  • Improvements in the email dashboard and the ability to view the links that were clicked


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Lock in SMS flows

  • Fixes in reports:

    • CDR - Complete per Campaign

    • Detail Messenger dispositions by date

    • Completed by Month

  • Fixes in Messenger:

    • OUTMESSENGER name was wrong and REENTERQUEUE was executed in agent-initiated interactions

  • Fix in respool peeraccount and accountcode

  • Fix tagging peeraccount and accountcode

⚡️ Improvements

  • Improved webchat screen sharing


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Interactions fix:

    • Now when the websocket is disconnected the interactions of the agent's unified inbox disappear

  • Ubuntu 18 fix

  • Fix data null in dialers

  • Install fix for licenciator

6.311 🦠

6.310 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Changes in the installer to install from the cloud

  • A card showing all licenses is added to the portal’s home

  • Notification that network connection was lost is improved


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • When making the request to the licensor:

    • Mac is added

    • It is validated that the license comes in the correct format

  • Fixing times when the wait is greater than one hour in the channels dashboard

  • Fix in webchat REENTERQUEUE

    • The data was wrong in the base in the CONNECT

  • Fix in asterisk, don't hangup if argument is missing

  • Fixes in messenger:

    • Data4 was left without the name of the person when REENTERQUEUE in messenger_log_repo and the first message was without agent in messenger_repo

  • Fix when transferring an inactive interaction would transfer the active one

  • Fix in dialers, campaign is added to recycling

⚡️ Improvements

  • MMS Twilio


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix when transferring to another campaign in the unified inbox

  • Fix of -1 in channels dashboard when transferring

  • Fix on track_emails

  • Changed shared last call behavior

6.309 🦠

6.308 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • New reports of interaction details


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fixes in heyNow integration

  • Fix on spy screen

    • Agents are asked to share when they log in

  • Fix on SMS canned responses when starting a conversation

  • Fix on checklicence of licenciator

⚡️ Improvements

  • Configurable feedback on Webchat

  • New option

    • Automatically transfer to campaign queue when logged out

  • Bot license control 🤖


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in URLPOSTSMS when it was more than one provider

  • Fix for transfers between campaigns

    • When they were outgoing interactions, they hung on the dashboard

  • Fix in the SummaryCampaignOutgoingRange report

  • Fix in ringall notification for SMS

    • Now you see name and number

6.307 🦠

6.306 🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Spy Screen rework

  • The new Licenciator is activated


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Delete notification closing event so that the call is no longer cut

⚡️ Improvements

  • Pin on Unified inbox interactions

  • Timeout message for Bots

  • 200 character limit for SMS with WhatsApp provider is removed


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix on modify member penalty on voice campaigns

  • Added guid in SMS provider URLPOSTSMS

6.305 ??


Back to the office!

6.304 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • TLS 1.1 or 1.2

  • Download conversation report on heyNow recordings


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix notifications when receiving interaction from bot

  • Fix that the number was not seen when spying interactions

  • UpdateIntegra script fix to update from portal or licenciator

  • Campaign in FINISHWRAPUP in DB

⚡️ Improvements

  • Audio added for WavyWhatsapp

    • Before this option was disabled


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix on recordings screen

    • The average quality was not seen for a call in the stars

  • Fix base upload for a different time zone than where you are located

  • Fix in websockets for maximum text size

  • Fix in answer of the phone when it was clicked and it was in an incoming call

6.303 🦠🦠

6.301 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Email bots (beta) 🤖

    • Email body in global variable EMAIL_BODY

  • Google STUN added as secondary option


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix for spying on recordings when the phone is administrative type

  • Fix for outgoing audios for WhatsApp

    • Now they are recorded in MP3

  • Fix in IntegraFramework HttpProxy function

⚡️ Improvements

  • Bots improvements

    • Timeout in ReadMessage activity

    • Email bots (beta)

  • New Dialing Rules for Mexico

  • New SMS reports


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix on bot ExecQuery activity

  • Fix in exec ws in bots when response is XML

6.300 🦠🦠

6.299 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Option to hide the dispositions for any channel

    • Dispositions in a Form, as in Telephony also in Channels

  • Base load of telephony dialers is no longer Base64


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Changes to SMS Infobip API

    • Use different URLs

⚡️ Improvements

  • New dispositions index in dispositions_repo


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Administrative phone does not load the unified inbox,

    • Websockets error when not having campaigns assigned

6.298 🦠🦠

6.297 🦠🦠


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix on base load with timezones

  • Fix on disconnection of websockets and ping on webchat

  • Fix in IntegraFramework method audits

6.295 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Forms on channels 🍟

  • New configuration in email campaigns: From name.

    • It serves to put the name to the sent emails, today that name is the name of the campaign itself

  • Improvement in the Websockets state table, and change of timeout configuration

  • New field setqueuevar in queues

  • New method in the Integra framework UC_BreakUnbreak


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix bots in exec ws activity

6.294 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Webchat menu for bots

  • DID field of SMS campaigns

    • Supports multiple campaigns with one bot

6.293 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Update jetty 9.4.5 -> 9.4.28

  • Update of webchatclient dependencies

  • New method for IntegraFramework UC_Http_proxy

  • DialerStatusCache query improvement

  • Control so that uContact tabs cannot be duplicated in Chrome

  • Control of connections by websocket for agents in the agent_connections table


?? Bug Fixes

  • Bot fixes:

    • Fix in wsexec for SOAP

    • Clickable hyperlinks on webchat

    • When the client clicks on a bot option in webchat, the number they send is seen

  • Fixes in reports:

    • FlowofCallsId

    • SummaryTimesCampaign

    • DetailCampaignsTimes

  • Fix in SMS Recordings, list of campaigns when the user is not SuperUser

  • Fix in creating agent profile photos for batch upload

6.290 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Infobip whatsapp with all the functionalities

  • Auto pause attempt count


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in first message on WhatsApp did not mark the status

  • Fix on sms dashboard

  • Fix on-screen rates, fields that are primary key are disabled when a record is selected

  • Fixes in reports

    • Amount Messenger By Dates

    • Detail CDR Complete

    • DetailCDRCompletoPorBase

    • DetailsTypesMessengerByDate

    • Measurement List

    • PerformanceByAgentMessenger

6.289 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Improvement in webchat video recordings: stream is updated so that the recording takes the same guid as the interaction

  • Infobip WhatsApp (beta)


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix saving agent in heynow

6.288 🦠🦠


To have the SMS changes it is necessary to deploy the Services/SMS flow

⚡️ Improvements

  • Now the namespace is passed in the Wavy API in the provider's source

  • New Clear hash activity in Workflows Designer

  • Stereo video recording

  • New button to download all videos in voice recordings

  • WhatsApp location (Wavy)

  • SMS client name (Wavy)

  • Messenger message history

  • Reply Facebook interaction with Messenger

  • Improved styles for responsive agent on the portal


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Sleep 60s for bulk sms

  • Chrome fix

    • does not ask for a camera or microphone, now it asks for it in the index

  • Fixes in reports:

    • agent login detail

    • detail campaign times

  • Fix in SMS parameters in BD

  • Autopause fixes

  • Escape \: in HSM wavy

  • Fix Dinstar SMS and REENTERQUEUE

  • Fix in portal in report list selection

  • Fix in multiple messages at the beginning of the interaction in messenger

  • Fix in Hey API for channel 6

6.285 🦠🦠


First build in GitHub

⚡️ Improvements

  • Improved styles for responsive agent

  • Dependencies are added to the system


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix when converting flows with "rare" characters in WorkflowDesigner

  • Fix in reports for when agents are not listed by default

6.281 🦠🦠


Last Build in GitLab!

Any UpdateIntegra from previous versions, will update up to here, it must be run a second time for it to take the update from GitHub.

⚡️ Improvements

  • New report CompletedInteractionsSMS agent


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Bot timeout fixes

  • Fix for historical email interaction messages

    • The subject is removed to make the query faster.

  • Fix in ports of SMS Campaigns

6.280 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Bot timeout improvement

    • It is now a separate thread, which checks for conversation.

  • Improvement in report DetailCDRDialerStatus

6.279 ??🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • New activity in workflow designer, ResetCDR.


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fix in workflow designer combos and Background app

  • SMS attachment fixes

    • They were not kept in the BD because it did not give them the time, but it was shown in the portal.

6.278 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Multiple bot improvements

    • Emojis in activities 😎

    • GUID is added as global variable

    • 'Extra' field added to Disposition activity

    • Activity 'Schedule' becomes 'IsOnTime'

    • When selecting an option the client will not see his own answer

  • Transfers are now allowed from agent to bot


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fixes in HeyNow to receive messages and send images

  • Fix for custom pauses in one campaign, when the agent is viewed in another campaign.

  • Fix in reports

    • detailing outgoing and incoming SMS

    • detailing campaign times

    • IVR by date

  • Bots fixes

    • When transfer to the bot arrives, it starts to run

    • Selected options are shown disabled

    • Problems with transferring to campaigns without agents

6.276 🦠🦠

⚡️ Improvements

  • Bots for messenger 🤖

  • Recording video calls

  • Backup for video records

  • Video call performance improved

    • MediaRecorder API implemented


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in & quote; at workflow designer

    • The fix is only in the inputs, it did not break anything when it was deployed

  • Loop fix on bots

  • Fix on spy channels

  • Tilts arrangement in webchat form

  • Fix on video recordings: EBML



Bots in uContact


🧪 New features

  • Bots 🤖

    • Available for SMS, Webchat and WhatsApp

  • Transfers between channel campaigns

    • Only campaigns from the same channel

⚡️ Improvements


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix on supervisor without phone giving console error due to sound settings

  • Fix by sorting campaigns by type on campaign screen

  • All references to hold_interactions, an old table, are removed


⚡️ Improvements

  • Refactor WebchatClient:

    • css video

    • video call for Safari iOS. (It is hidden for Chrome iOS)


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in multiple notifications (chrome bug or not)

  • Fix in CURL asterisk headers


⚡️ Improvements

  • Telephony flows for transfer between campaigns

  • You can send reports generated through the IntegraFramework email api and also CC and CCO

  • New procedure AutomaticAgentLogOffTask

  • Update UnixODBC and SSH


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix of -1 agents logged into the home dashboard

  • Notified with an error when the websocket fails to connect

  • Fix when changing the DID of a campaign when the dialer was random

  • Fix the check "all agents" in reports


⚡️ Improvements

  • Now on the dialers dashboard:

    • If it is VoiceBroadCast and has VBQUEUE it shows the graphics of the campaign

  • Strikes to pause automatically if the call is not answered

    • The new configuration is called AutoPause in Configurations - Agents.

  • Now when interactions are recovered when the server is uploaded, they enter the same order they were.

    • The autoid field in the ccdata.interactions table was added


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix when initiating sms interaction, the record in the sms_repo table was repeated

  • Arrangements in webchat:

    • When screen sharing is changed, the stream is reconnected now

    • On the client, the agent image

    • Seeing the link of an attachment sent by an agent

  • Campaign DID is updated when changing from the associated dialer

  • Agent is deleted if user is deleted

  • Fix in Wavy API

  • Fix in chrome logoff

    • (in the onwindowsunload event) sometimes there was no AGENTLOGOFF in queue_log_repo


⚡️ Improvements

  • Creation of SuperUser users from the Licensor

  • If a Webchat campaign has the option to show name activated, it will now display the agent's full name field instead of the nickname

    • Only the first name and not the last name are shown


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fixes in the Facebook Wall

  • Large number of mails, from 20 to 50 with a maximum of 20MB in total

  • Campstatus Monitoring icons are changed (spy call, spy screen, etc.)

  • Fix in notifications

    • If an interaction entered while a call was ringing, the call was cut because the previous notification was closed automatically.


⚡️ Improvements

  • Workforce Management (Beta) 💥💥💥💥

  • Redirect logout url

    • There is a new configuration option that will be hidden for now, called RedirectLogoutURL

    • When a user logs out of uContact, he will be redirected to the URL if there is any value

  • NEWEMAILAGENT error, new type of event in email_log_repo

    • Also leave the -1 email_repo status if it fails (before it saved nothing if it failed)


🔧 Bug fixes

  • ExecPython changed to ExecScript


⚡️ Improvements

  • New method in the Integra Framework to run python scripts UC_ExecPythonScript_async


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in survey controller and query survey.jrxml

  • Fix “STOPBREAK” in automatic login and now the '@' in the user is ignored


⚡️ Improvements

  • New SMS provider “Mensajero“

  • Possibility to load survey if you bring INFO in the CTI


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix when cloning surveys

  • Fix in webchat, fullscreen is enabled on screen sharing


⚡️ Improvements


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix on facebook for interactions related to old posts

  • Fix in webchat transfers

    • When the client closed a web chat that was being transferred the interaction was available

  • Fix in SMS when many messages arrived together with attachments, two different interactions were generated



facebook’s build 🕺


🧪 New features

  • Facebook Wall (Beta)

    • Due to a change in the channel server, Facebook Messenger campaigns will be created from version 6.262 and later

⚡️ Improvements

  • New function for the Integra Framework UC_fullSelectWithVal

  • Icon tooltip connected in CampStatus


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Webchat Client fixes

    • Fix when sending attachments

    • Fix in styles

    • Allow screen monitoring from different web connections

    • Fix in Screen Monitor

  • Fix in installer SMS flow

  • Audit is added for the connecting error.

    • Error Answering call will appear in the auditory table

  • Fix when deleting an email dialer if it is on

  • Fix on the agent screen

    • When closing dispositions tab



New year’s build 🥳

⚡️ Improvements

  • Now, in the login screen you will see the current version of uContact

  • Error types for wavy Whatsapp SMS provider are improved

  • Canned Responses available when initiating an SMS interaction

  • In campaign settings the campaign schedule is hidden, if it belongs to a dialer


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix Google TTS and ASR

  • Fix when deploying a workflow with Latin characters



🧪 New features

  • Share screen Webchat 🧑🏼‍💻👩🏽‍💻

    • Now agents can share their screens with the client

    • They can also request to see the client screen

⚡️ Improvements

  • New CURL function available for Asterisk

  • New language parameter for Wavy HSM is added


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in PowerDialer when max channels = 1 and overdial = 0%

  • Fix in individual surveys and fix in python script

    • Some answers were not displayed

  • Fix multiple messages in SMS initiating an interaction

    • Problem: Only the first message was seen

    • Solution: You see all messages, including attachments

  • Fix in name of attachment for mail

    • The name was wrong because it was not made a decode

  • Fix in recording maintenance to not pass files in use


⚡️ Improvements

  • User password recovery on uContact login

  • Campaign filter is added in the section
    Supervisor → Campaigns → Survey


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix when sending messages with strange characters via Dinstar providers

  • Fix email sent with the full Webchat conversation
    When the HTML was seen as text

titleUpdates before 6.259


⚡️ Improvements

  • New SMS provider - VoIP Innovations (Sangoma provider)

  • Quality models now for all channels

  • New omnicanal strategy - rrmemoryomni

  • View of emails with dispositions in the Unified Inbox - now the historical mails of an interaction show if they have dispositions.


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix when uploading lists with dialing rule - unclassified lists don't get priority

  • Fix of Break filter in Campaign Status

  • Fix in multiple selection in surveys


⚡️ Improvements

  • New IntegraFramework method: getCurrentCallInfo

  • On the portal phone, if a call arrives with a number that is a contact, the name is also displayed


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix RetyDial in application of workflow designer

  • Fix in WavyWhatsapp when sending from uContact an image with caption

  • Fix in report SMSDetalleEntrante

  • Overdial fields are hidden in VoiceBroadcast and it is allowed to edit the number of channels on the dialer dashboard


⚡️ Improvements

  • Email filter for incoming / outgoing recordings

  • Improvement of sending email and updating the simple-java-mail library to 5.5.1

  • The VoiceBroadCast now stops when there are no agents available

  • Percentage of lists with DialerRules


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix when pausing and logging out, the same pause was not allowed

  • Workaround fix for chrome bug in notifications: now each notification closes the previous one.

  • Fix in the dispositions when level 3 is repeated in level 2

  • Fix Wavy, last character is not sent, picture message, history button.



First build in the new office

⚡️ Improvements

  • Update JSSIP from 3.3.4 to 3.3.11

  • Added new auditory when searching call recordings

  • Dialer Rules for Mexico was added


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix workflows designer parsing asterisk dialplan code: “&quote” appears on generated dialplan.

  • Fix loading channel dashboards.

  • Fix sorting emails, on email recordings.

  • Fix IntegraFramework if CTI was null.


⚡️ Improvements

  • New alert: AutomaticReportSFTP to schedule a task where you schedule a report, and will upload to a route from a specific SFTP.

  • Audits for administration on the voice dialers dashboard are improved.


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in tasks screen when saving new tasks



🧪 New features

  • New alert: Supervisor alert, alerts when a user exceed threshold time in a campaign sending a mail or SMS.


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Remove POP3 support for email campaigns


🧪 New features

⚡️ Improvements

  • New option for outbound voice queues: customer satisfaction survey

  • New combo in recordings to choose playback speed

  • New option to configure media devices. (Headphones, Speakers and Microphone) Hidden by default

  • Now, favorite agents show its status (available, break)

  • Customer feedback on email records

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix on disposition dash screen. An issue with campaigns combo was solved.

  • Improve performance over websocket requests


⚡️ Improvements

  • In campaigns screen: we changed periodic announce input text for a combo witch displays all system sounds.

  • Campaigns in phone’s combo automatically updates, once an agent is added to a queue

  • Now, scheduled reports can be cancelled

  • New permission for security groups: if the new permission is checked, you can add and delete campaign’s members but not to change campaign settings

🔧 Bug fixes

  • We had resolved some issues on the IntegraFramework:

    • There was an error with the ‘fulltable’ method in some situations

    • Refactor SOAPProxy method

  • Fix on sms screen when showing some recordings

  • Fix on webchat icons by default

  • We had fixes some styles

    • Form designer

    • Unified inbox

  • Fix on ‘goto if’ on form designer

  • Error on unsubscribe for an email dialer


?? New features

  • New framework function to set variables in any channel

⚡️ Improvements

  • It is allowed to add agents whose full name includes commas and tildes by bulk upload

  • Webchat

    • Security: you are allowed to associate the domain in which it will be used

    • Improved Phone field: now accepts a variety of characters for different use

  • New outgoing flow respecting defined campaign schedules.

  • Improvement in reports

  • Dispositions dashboard: now you can filter the list by each disposition level

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in Framework UC_getagentforcampaign

  • Fix in replace of Surveys

  • Fix when updating profile picture

  • Fix in uContact installer


⚡️ Improvements

  • Messenger: Now you can create messenger campaigns, procedures are updated.

  • Confirmation message when activating Messenger with Facebook.

  • Optional email history for mail answer

  • New uPhone documentation link

  • New Network Test link.

  • Ring on external speakers in general configuration

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in gitlog.

  • Fix IAX agent update.

  • Fix on Mute/Unmute recording


⚡️ Improvements

  • New event in email_log_repo 'FORWARDED'

  • Added an option in configuration for ring on speakers in an incoming call

  • Added an option in configuration to activate hot keys in the phone

  • Added an option in configuration to cancel wrapup

  • Added buttons on portal for redirect from dialer dashboard to campaign dashboard

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix on unhold automatic

  • Fix with company field in agent's configuration


🧪 New features

  • Mute and unmute call recordings by the agent

  • Record part of a call by the agent

⚡️ Improvements

  • Change Twillio port configuration on SMS campaigns

  • On dialers configuration, audio is now a select option with the system's audios

  • Now in call recording screen, you can see the oldest recording date

  • New button for hangup an agent's call in campstatus

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Wavy API

  • Fix email subject

  • Send SMS with campaign in SMS api

  • Update all emojis in channels

  • Fix name's validation in webchat


🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix on sms records screen: problem with dates

  • Fix on db: resize obj field on interactions table for large emails

  • Fix when an agent save a disposition

  • Fix on phonebooks's active contacts

  • Change in query to get agent profile y campstatus

  • Fix on email when pasting an image in uContact's email textarea

  • Parse emojis on sms channel



⚡️ Improvements

  • New option for answer the call with enter key

  • Added PlatformID to use Heynow Client API

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix on phonebook when added a new contact

  • Data variable was added in originate for dialers

  • Fix on AMD dialers

  • Fix emojis in channel



⚡️ Improvements

  • Refactor system reports

  • Add campaign schedule in campstatus for supervisors

  • Change in dispositions: If the campaign is inbound or outbound and has no dialer associated, only 'NO ACTION' and 'RESCHEDULE' actions are allowed

  • Changelog offline: restyle

  • New report: abandon webchat

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in report's calendar: date format was incorrect

  • Fix in chosen survey controller's combo

  • Fix emojis in email subject

  • Fix tabs on UpdateIntegra script

  • Fix summernote plugin for email channel

  • Fix in phone directory for offline users



🧪 New features

  • Changelog inside uContact in SuperUser's Profile.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in dispositions window when a call is not answered by the agent.

  • Fix in campstatus format for a Waiting Average higher than 3600 seconds.

  • Fix in surveys with special characters into paragraph.

  • Auditory Reports with longer fields.

  • Fix in hour into Heynow from Unified Inbox.

  • EXITWITHTIMEOUT and ABANDON in webchat_log_repo now will see the initial message into data5 column.

  • Fix in datetime picker in reports screen.



🧪 New features

  • New report DetalleCDRCompletoPorColas

  • Filter campaign agents when adding new members

  • New method of the IntegraFramework to upload email lists

  • Colors in dialerdash lists to indicate the states

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Improved message delivery on the HeyNow channel

  • Unnecessary log is deleted in phone.js

  • Fix in the menu displayed on the left of the portal

  • ABANDONED is added for the dialers when they can not be contacted so they can be recycled later

  • Fix on the screen of dialerdash dependence moment

  • Fix when calling custom store procedures in recycling

  • Fix in the handling of lists because they disappeared sometimes




To have the functionality cancel wrapup, you have to re-compile the uContact AppQueue!

🧪 New features

  • Cancel wrapup: now agents can cancel their wrapup in order to answer more calls

  • Timezones in Dialers 🤟🌍

  • Update Integra from the portal 👩‍💻👨‍💻

  • WhatsApp wavy Integration 📱

  • Audios in the unified inbox: Now you can record audios and send to any channel from the unified inbox 🎧

  • ParseXML activity in workflows designer

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix in email dialers screen.

  • Fix in report DetalleCDRCompleto

  • Fix in analyzing SMS dialer base

  • Fix in email screen so that campaigns do not receive emails if you do not want.

  • Fix in surveys dashboard

  • Fix in portal phone: calls are no longer transferred to disconnected agents

  • The holidays audit is improved



🧪 New features

  • New campstatus graph to see agent breaks 👌

  • Hey reports are added now

  • Generate CSV

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fixes of attachments in hey

  • Fix in recordings tags

  • Visual fix in audit report

  • Dialer logs improvements



🧪 New features

  • Agent screen monitoring for all channels

  • Bengali language on the webchat

  • Hey Attachments

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix when making a video call from the portal

  • CSS menu fix when the user did not have a phone

  • Hey data types for reports



🔧 Bug fixes

  • Fix of the phone, now typifications are opened when the call is cut

  • Fix in standby music screen

  • It is saved when sending in email_repo when an email is sent by the API

  • Fix in security groups for HeyNowCampaigns

  • Fix when monitoring multiple users screens

  • Fix of thresholds alerts in campstatus

  • Fix duplicate sms_repo when starting interaction

  • Fix dialers empty agentphones when emptying ActiveAgents